Janusirsasana B’s return

I didn’t have much time for practice last night, but I made some time from somewhere, I needed my practice after another crap day at Nepotism UK, when my colleague has gone sick yet again, dumping me with all the crap.

I did all of standing then up to Marichyasana A, though with only sporadic vinyasas. When I got to Janu B, I couldn’t find my block, so decided to risk putting some weight into the side of my fractured foot, surprisingly it didn’t scream “no”, though its still pretty heavily strapped, but that’s the first proper Janu B in 10 weeks, so maybe its starting to heal at long last.

Hopefully tonight I will have time for a deeper practice, though my lower back is still achy as is my left shoulder, being hunched over a keyboard for 8 hours doesnt help, though I have developed a new game at work, when I have to take something off the printer I have been trying to drop back and grab the piece of paper, though have yet to succeed. There are some days when I maybe get 30 pieces from the printer so get lots of goes and during the day I know I ma getting nearer to grabbing the sheet. If anyone comes in I’ll tell them I am bending over backwards for the company!


2 Responses to “Janusirsasana B’s return”

  1. susananda Says:

    OMG… you are too funny! Backbending to the printer!

    As for me, I don’t need any excuse….

  2. Kevin Says:

    You could do it easy peasy, am thinking of moving it up a shelf so I stand more chance! You would never tell I’m bored would you!

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