Sunday practice – Ustrasana is a no no!

Usual crack of dawn trip to the shala, lots more people there this week, good to see. My lower back is still on the blink, it was beginning to move after the 10 Surya’s, no adjustment in UHP this week, not that I should admit it, but yes I secretly glad to be left to my own devices, though I do engage with it far more on my own than when a teacher is helping. Purvottanasana had Cary squashing my good foot to the ground, Triang Mukha is still painful, but managed the Janusirsasanas ok without a block. A really deep adjustment on both sides in Marichyasana C, Cary got me to take my wrist and put the hand on the hip, dont suppose I will be able to repeat that trick at home alone, Mari D is still nowhere near happening. Supta Kurmasana I am not sure about today, Cary told me to cross my feet, she touched my foot, but I am not sure if she “helped” or if I did manage it on my own, which would be a yippeeee moment. A lovely adjustment in Baddha Konasana, as I relaxed Cary used more pressure until I was past my feet.

After a non straight legged Setu Bandasana, I sat up and sneaked in my Ustrasana, for what will be the last time! I am sure Cary has seen me add it in before, though she has never remarked on it, but today she came over and said “that’s a 2nd series pose and you have not been given it yet, do it at home, but not here“. She’s knows I did the workshop last week, so I presume she thinks I should know better now. I had to be satisified with some legs together bridges, to open me before having 4 goes at Urdva Dhanurasana, none of which were great, but considering how rigid my lower back is they were better than expected. She did give me a nice squishing in the following Paschimottanasana. She does make me laugh sometimes though, I was in Matsyasana, trying to Ujayi, but as usual my mouth was open and drishte was who knows where, but I was concentrating in my own little world, I don’t know how long she had been behind me, but her more subtle signs must have failed as I didnt notice her until she started waving her hands! Sirsasana I think I need to take some pictures to appreciate what teachers are seeing and why they all keep making me change my head position, I thought I was straight, I felt stable, but Cary got me to turn my head quite a way to the right, I stayed vertical, but it didnt feel right and I couldn’t decide where my eyes should focus, I did manage 1.5 Ardha Sirsasanas as well, but lacked control after the head moving.

Practice had taken nearly 2 hours with Savasana, not that there’s a rush, but it is taking longer these days, especially at the shala. I had 6 minutes to catch my train home after emerging from Euston Sq and running to Euston and grabbing a bag of Pain au Raisin, not something I like doing after practice, but I’m not waiting another 40 minutes for the next one, then to add insult they stoped the train one stop short of home and put us on replacement buses, so instead of 3 minutes, with all the faffing around it was another 20 minutes, grrrrr. The theory of doing practice and having the rest of the day to myself only works to a point as I fell asleep for half the afternoon, another weekend over, roll on next Sunday!


3 Responses to “Sunday practice – Ustrasana is a no no!”

  1. susananda Says:

    Haha…. she is funny. Good to see you today!

  2. globie Says:

    It’s the look on her face sometimes, I find it hard to not burst out laughing!

  3. AC Says:

    I hear cracking of the whip? 🙂

    Criminal behaviour can only be tolerated for so long………

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