Our Survey said!


Yesterday I ended up having a cyber blog chat with Susananda about how we perhaps without realising try to have a peak practice when we are at the shala with a teacher. Its like all the practice we do at home is just training for the main event. I know what she meant, I do try and arrange my home practice during the week so that I am hopefully open and bendy enough to enjoy my shala practice on a Sunday morning with Cary, though I am not doing it for her, but for me and I don’t want to lose that reasoning. But mainly my home practice is so that when I receive an adjustment my body is open for it and can release into it. I dont want it to end up being a kind of marks out of 10 thing, judging. I have tried hard to have no feelings either way after practice, good, bad, indifferent and try hard not to let it influence the rest of the day. Bella told me a while back that I would learn more about practice and my body while I am injured with this stress fracture, than when practice is easier, she was right. I want that after practice feeling of well being to be there whatever has happened on the mat.

Practice at home is never judged, well except by the judges who sit on my radiator,  a New Zealander (Kiwi), a S.African (Ostrich) and a Swede (Elk), who have somehow found their way into my suitcase on the way home from my travels, as you can see they don’t rate my practice too highly!

I did practice when I got home, most of primary, with crap backbends, my lower back is much better today but my back like Mari D has lost the plot of late. Sirsasana and Ardha were better this evening, but doing practice 3 hours after dinner is not ideal, my dinner almost returned as I squidged myself into Supta K.


3 Responses to “Our Survey said!”

  1. annabella Says:

    I once had a late lunch and took a 6:15 p.m. vinyasa class – actually had to leave, as I really thought I was going to be sick!

    It’s interesting, wanting to have a good practice at the shala… I probably do it too, but after having lots of not-good practices, appreciate the process more. Just getting on the mat and whatever happens happens. Like you said, the feeling of well being to be there, regardless.

    Pain sucks, but it forces you to be present in a different way. Bella is wise.

    – annaB. : )

  2. globie Says:

    When its been a good one, you just know it, but even when its not been great, I am just glad I made the effort and the less I feel like doing it the more I seem to get from it.

    Bella is great, but never seems to teach at times or places I can get to 😦

  3. Wayne Says:

    I completely know what you mean. In my case, I only get to practice with others when at a workshop, etc., but yes, I recognize the “here’s the big match!” mentality that usually shows up.

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