The next day

Had a day off practice yesterday, I need to make sure I do this, I was getting into the habit of doing a lot more practice than was probably good for me and ending up aching and tired a lot, there was quantity but maybe not the quality of practice I need. It wasnt so much the practice but the effect it was having on life off the mat, I just didnt have the energy left for life, like last night I watched the soccer, but ended up struggling to stay awake, work is just a struggle full stop, I had to turn the aircon on in my office this afternoon to stay awake, life seems to be just passing by.

I have just done my practice, but like all days that follow a day off I was tight, particularly in the hamstrings, but my lower back is feeling much better for the break, so that’s a positive. That said my backbends were not very bendy at all. Although my back is much improved, when I am up in Sirsasana, I can still feel discomfort in the left side of my back, ardha sirsasana was “attempted” is all I can say about that. But I always feel more awake after practice, not to mention more balanced and able to deal with life in general. Perhaps the answer is getting out of my warm bed and doing practice in the mornings, but unless Cary was waiting at the end of it, I dont think there is any chance of me waking, let alone emerging from under the duvet.


2 Responses to “The next day”

  1. amberlin Says:

    I’m so glad to hear you took a break! I read your blog all the time and you exhaust me with all your practicing and workshopping. I’m so impressed with your dedication, particularly with your foot injury. You are really tough.

    The question of whether or not to practice in the morning and how to manage and balance the life and yoga is such a tough one. I’ve tried the morning yoga and it was horrible, very much not for me. I love that the option is there, but certainly not at this time in my life. Like you, I do it after work in the afternoon/evening. That you are able to get up on a Sunday and trek to morning Mysore is further proof of your dedication. I love how excited you get for that one practice. Your teacher sounds wonderful, I love how she smacked you down on the ustrasana! Ha, totally busted.

    Sorry that was rambling, just wanted to say I enjoy your blog very much even though I never comment. And also, “the soccer”? Are you not British, because I’ve never heard an Englishman call it soccer? I’m intriqued!

  2. Kevin Says:

    Hi Amberlin,

    Glad you enjoy reading my rantings and ramblings, feel free to comment anytime.

    If I had the access to the shala on a daily basis my practices would have more structure, with regular days off and moon days, instead it feels like I have to snatch practice when I can and try to be aware of when I need a break. Sunday mornings are special, a great shala, a wonderful teacher, even if she wont let me Ustrasana! Cary is very traditional, but my practice has moved into unknown places since I started with her back in March, she has this way of showing you ways to get into a pose or work towards it, giving me the tools to keep up her good work when I am practising at home.

    When I do the retreats and practice is in the early morning, after a couple of days my body gets into the rythm, especially as I can put everything into those practises knowing I don’t have to do much for the rest of the day, but emerging from my warm bed to practice, knowing that only another tedious day at work will follow is another matter. I am always more open in the evenings and practice is better then.

    I am British, I wrote soccer because I know more people in the States read my blog than over here in the UK and Europe and I figure that way they know what I am talking about, but it is football to us and ever shall be!

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