Where do Saturday’s go?

Half the weekend has been and gone, I’ve achieved nothing apart from doing the shopping. I did practice this afternoon, but it wasnt warm enough to enjoy a good stretching, I had to be careful rather than carefree in my practice. There are still restrictions which no amount of heat seems to help, the foot/leg is still a problem, despite regaining my ability to jump back, the right hip is still very tight which restricts lotus poses and pisses my knee off and the niggle in my lower left back is stopping me twisting anywhere near as far as I know my body is capable of going, though I did manage a 3 second bind on the first side of Marichyasana D this afternoon. I have yet to do any backbends today, but may do some later.

Unless I have something specific going on at the weekend I seem to just fritter them away. When I used to do the counted practice on Friday nights with Easter, it seemed like the gateway to the weekend, my mind and body both relaxed and I enjoyed Saturday and Sunday, but now I have to wait until Sunday for my Shala practice I can feel that there is still the tension of the week under the surface, practice acts like a switch. My mind and body don’t seem to really relax until I get home after practice on Sunday and I chill out with a bucket of tea and my pain au raisins’ with the paper for a few hours. At least we get an extra hour in bed tonight.


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