Headache after practice

This is the second week running I have got home from practice with a splitting headache and have slept in the afternoon. Lack of hydration, sugar, I don’t know, but its annoying, especially after a nice practice like todays.

No criminal activity today, even after meeting my fellow crim, AC,  on the escalator at BG Station. Once we arrived she took her usual place in the corner at the back where she hopes her crim activities wont be noticed, she should know its futile to try and hide! Its really quite appropriate for criminal activity to happen in BG, as its where the Krays, London gangsters, used to hang out in tghe 1950’s and 60’s. Can just imagine the local cops binding a Kray twin in Supta K and going “You’re nicked“.

Nice and warm in there today, really felt able to stretch that extra millimetre and jumped back and forth without my foot/leg playing up at the shala for the frist time since August. Lovely deep adjustment in Prasarita Padot C, I was expecting my shoulders to pop out of their sockets, not sure how near the ground I got. Adjusted in Parsvottanasana and then found Cary waiting at then end of my mat for UHP, luckily today I had done some warm up pigeon poses, so the adjustment wasn’t as excruciating as it sometimes can be.

Seated began well, as for the first time ever I managed to bind on the first side of Arda Badha Padme Paschimottanasana, especially considering  the lotus was with my stressed foot, usually the lotus doesnt get high enough that early in practice, so I was a little surprised to be able to grab the toe, as usual it’s a one side wonder, as I can get the lotus on 2nd side but cant twist myself round enough to grab the toe. Marichyasana’s A-C were good and a finger touch on D, couldn’t quite get the bind as I was a bit slithery. Supta Kurmasana foot bind is sure to be mine soon, I can nearly always bind my hands now, but my right foot just cant quite make it over the left without help, Cary encouraging me to get that foot up and over, but I kept toppling to the side, she eventually thought I had struggled enough and nudged it over into place, once its there I can bind and keep it there. The bum balances, Ubhaya and Urdva P,  were crap, well the coming up and over part was, I seemed to have spent all my energy, Cary made me have half a dozen goes at coming up, but basically I was knackered.

Closing today without my cheaters Ustrasana, Laghu Vajrasana etc before Urdva Dhanurasana, I did some bridges to try and open up before the full backbend, first 2 were almost straight up and down, 3rd one was better, it wasnt until my 4th UD that I managed to stay up there and breath. I think without being allowed to do my warm ups its going to be a while before I get 3 decent, stable, as prescribed UD’s. Cary stood right behind me this week for Matsyasana, reminding me about my drishte without having to do her windmill impression to get my attention. Sirsasana was good, but Ardha was woeful, I managed 1, then had to drop out on the second before going over the top, went up into Sirsasana again, but just did not have the energy to control my body.

I don’t know if it was the heat, I was drenched, the re-introduced jump backs or just having a more concentrated, focussed practice, but I was shattered afterwards, as I sat on the tube going home, someone spoke to me and it was ages before it registered, I had zoned out completely. As I left Cary asked if I was coming next week, of course I will be there, I just wish I could get there during the week. The extra hour in bed was nice last night, can we do that every week 🙂


6 Responses to “Headache after practice”

  1. AC Says:

    Disobedience is Futile. You Will Obey!

    Glad to know you’re reformed.

    Honest gov, I wasn’t indulging in any criminal activity in my corner. I’m as obedient as they come these days, 😉 I will say that weekends are just great to ‘play’ at leisure.

    Yeah, make sure you’re hydrated before you start class.

  2. Kevin Says:

    Glad to hear you were obedient this week! I am too scared to disobey.
    Love my weekend practice, will try and gurgle more water next weekend, practice Saturday and Sunday next week.

  3. Alfia Says:

    I like the name “bum balances”. So deliciously British!
    I used to get headaches from dehydration in the beginning. Now I drink so much, I have to go the the bathroom after Marichi B. Do not mind, though, because any break is welcome for me. Lazy bum I am. Love the word! 😀

  4. globie Says:

    Posterior is too posh! I need to be more conscious of drinking more before practice and after.

  5. Alfia Says:

    There are always butt and ass. Posterior is probably British, too, I haven’t heard anybody to use it here.
    I drink half a liter before and a liter after. Plus electrolytes. But I sweat like nobody’s business, so my water volumes might be not very common.

  6. globie Says:

    Its funny that the American teachers who have been here a while use “bum”. Half a litre is a lot, though I do sweat a lot in the shala as its nice and warm and condusive to practice. I think I need to get in the habit of drinking lots more after practice

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