A white world

Practice has been a bit disrupted since Sunday. Monday night I began to practice, but made the mistake of having my laptop on, it wasn’t long before an e-mail chimed its way into the Inbox. It was from Marlyn, we began the yoga journey together quite a few years ago, she had to move to the west country with her husbands job a couple of years ago. Our yoga has taken parallel but different courses, both ashtangis, but I have remained a student, she has gone on to teach. It was great to hear her news and I didnt mind the interuption on a cold night.

I didnt realise yesterday was a Moon day until I read Alfia’s blog, I had been mentally preparing to practice when I got home as well as doing printer dropbacks during the afternoon at work. I was trying to blog last night when the power kept going off, I looked out expecting to see lightening, but was amazed instead to see everything was white, we rarely get snow here and certainly not in October. After the power had gone off for the 5th time I gave up and did some sun salutations, hip openings and backbends, though nothing like a full practice, but I was surprisingly bendy.

Hopefully tonight I can get back into my practice, I want to be open and ready for this weekends double shala practices, both Saturday and Sunday this week and maybe an odd workshop at The Yoga Show on Sunday too, I have never been to the show, but a kind yogini sent me a ticket, thanks Abby.


4 Responses to “A white world”

  1. Ursula Says:

    Hi Kev,
    E. just wrote me that there was snow in UK this morning. This consoles me. Here it is cold, but without snow. We obviously live in a cold area of this world.

    Have a nice day. Ursula

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Ursula,

    Where in the UK is E.? The snow has now gone, but its very cold.

    Have anice day

  3. Ursula Says:

    He said he is around London. Redding, I guess, does this say something to you?


  4. globie Says:

    Reading is south east of London, I live North west of London.

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