I gave in to temptation!

Well AC you will be pleased to know I gave in to my previously controlled yoga mind and bought a Wispa bar. It is now an ex Wispa bar, as just the wrapper is left on my desk. It was a fleeting joy that didn’t seem to last long once it was open. I am sure they are not as big as the ones we had when we were kids and have shrunk much like Curly Wurly’s seem to have and doubled in price, it shows my age but I can still remember going to the sweet shop with just 6p and buying a Mars bar.

I suppose the next question is how many repetitions of Navasana does it take to wear off the effects of the Wispa’s 210 choclaty calories and will my fingers still bind in Supta Kurmasana tonight.


2 Responses to “I gave in to temptation!”

  1. AC Says:

    Hooray for you, I’m sure it tasted darn good.

    No, it’s not about ‘control’, more about ‘union’ with your want:

    Mind wanted Wispa
    Body had craving for Wispa
    Spirit wanted Wispa

    Be happy for now.

    If Supta K can’t be found tonight there’s always tomorrow, it ain’t going anywhere. Later on you can do some asanas to work those calories off, 😉

  2. globie Says:

    You are so right, it did taste wonderful.

    Body and soul united by a Wispa. Chocolate does seem to make me happy, though thankfully for my pocket and Supta K, its rare that I am near the shops in the week.

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