Nearly X’ed my feet

Steady practice last night, but not really warm enough for the elasticity to come into my hamstrings, they are really tight, spent a while in the Prasaritas trying to coerce them into stretching out a bit, though did surprisingly manage head to knee on second side of UHP.

I wanted to test my now recovering foot in Triang Mukha without a block last night, I have been using the block since the fracture as I couldn’t stand having the weight (pain) in the foot at all, but after the return of Janusirsasana B and jump backs in the last couple of weeks I decided it was about time to see if the pain would still be there. It was bearable, though I think some of the tendons still have a way to go, but the surprising thing was that I was actual level in the pose, ie didnt have the one sided tilt common to this pose, I think using the blocks has been helping in other ways apart from supporting mt foot.

Did an extra Navasana or 2 to try and generate some heat before Bhuja and Supta Kurmasana. On the second attempt at Supta K I found I could make my right foot slither up over the left for a bind, but in doing so lost the hand bind, there has to be a way of getting them both to stay put, but it looks like the Wispa wasn’t detrimental to my asana!

Backbends were not good, mainly because yet again I could not get the traction in my hands and feet to stop sliding out, so added in a few criminal 2nd series ones instead.


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