Vinyasa in the dark

Home early as usual on a Friday and straight into practice with a mug of tea by my mat, another criminal act, ha ha heee heee, but I like my tea. It was sunny when I started, but when I got to Marichyasana A, I suddenly realised it had got soooo dark, which made me think how much I miss the counted practice we used to do on Friday nights, often just by candle light, I still really miss Easter and the other yogi’s who made it such a lovely place to be on a Friday evening.

Supta Kurmasana is oh so nearly happening, I managed even on a chilly night to squirm my arms under to bind and without sitting on a block managed to get my right foot to cross over the left and bind, kind off, though yet again I then lost the hand bind once my feet were in place. I am really hoping in the warmer (sweatier) conditions of the shala tomorrow and Sunday that I will be able to wriggle my arms further under for a more solid hand bind and be able to do my own feet, if you hear a big happy “yeaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh” around 9.15am you will know its happened. I am happy with where my practice is, but I could be oh so much more happy to be bound hand and foot in Supta K.

Its a manic weekend, practice first thing both Saturday and Sunday this week, Saturday I then have to eat and help run the travel club in the afternoon in London. Sunday after practice I will grab a sugar hit from somewhere before heading to Olympia for the Yoga Show and then home to see Hamilton’s attempt to be worlds best petrol head.

Alfias comment about electrolites to stop post practice headaches the other day, made me think that I was maybe doing the right thing all along without realising it, when I used to grab sugar lumps and gurgle water on the way home. Since changing to early morning mysore its been a good 2 hours until I get home and eat and drink, where as I used to grab some sugar and a bottle of water right after practice and never seemed to have this problem. Is sugar an electrolyte?


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