Not quite!

So much for hoping the breakthrough in Supta K would happen today, I suddenly realised I was moving quite quickly through practice in order to get to Supta Kurmasana. P. was doing her best to slow me down with her nice adjustments and advice, like how she saw that when I bring my arms up in Surya B, that I straighten my leg instead of bending it. Also some help in Ardha Badha Padmottanasana, my hips are always tight and I struggle for the lotus, she got me to try and send my tail bone down and engage the bandhas far more and suddenly my hip seemed to find a few extra millimetres of space making lotus be higher up.

The shala wasnt as warm as I had hoped, “The Loft”, as they call it, isnt really hot hot, if you know what I mean, its warm but…, so when it came to my new favourite, almost cracked it pose I wasnt slithery enough, though P. came to the rescue and got my hands in a better bind and I just about crossed my own foot, the usual problem of the hands losing the bind, one day, one day, one pose doesnt make a practice, but at least it has stopped me fixating on Mari D, or more like its lack of being anywhere bound since June.

I confess I sinned and did an Ustrasana before Urdva Dhanurasana, but I did then have 5 goes at UD, the last 2 of which were reasonable, though I realised that I was forgetting to actually breathe, never mind Ujayi. I then stood at the front of my mat giving my back a rub, when P. came along and said “drop backs“, so then did 4 of those, with lots of help, but it was good to do them. Sirsasana and Ardha attempts followed the only bit of Primary I am really comfortable with, the shoulderstand, Halasana sequence. I am glad they have blankets for Savasana, you soon cool down up there, quite a nice long Savasana, its nice to have the time, no train to rush for on a Saturday, so a nice practice, leaving me with that happy, contented, spaced out look.

Brunch at the cafe, then the travel club, a talk on India which was fun and one on Korea which wasnt so, but good to catch up with lots of people, especially A. who is threatening to emerge from her bed early one Sunday and join us at YP, will believe it when I see it. Am now drying out from the drenching I got on the way home, hope tomorrow is better, yoga then the yoga show.


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