Practice (yes!) & Yoga Show

Up at the crack of dark now the clocks have changed, for a long day in London
Practice is oh so much the better when its nice and warm, just as well I felt able to release and stretch as I got adjusted quite a lot today, beginning witha lateral stretching in Trikonasana, then a shoulder socket stretching in Prasarita C and then UHP, which didnt feel too bad today, having done it yesterday at the other shala. Just when I thought it was safe to chill out in Warrior (lazy posture), my arms were being straightened and my knee bent more deeply, I seemed to work hard in ALL the postures today, Cary has obviously now worked out which ones I just “do” without much engagement.
Seated were a test of me and my mostly now recovered foot, as well as doing jump backs, I did Triang Mukha at the shala without a block today, letting the weight into my right foot, while being adjusted as well, Cary had me grabbing the wrist beyond the foot and flexing the foot back, which was a new take on this pose, just when I think I am getting there she finds another little addition! Marichyasana D was the next adjustment, I have felt lately that I cant seem to get my body in the right position to bring my arm around the knee and I was sitting there just twisting, though in Lotus, help arrived and I was bound, second side was when my foot or more like the still recovering tendons screamed and I had to get Cary to let go after 2 breaths, but I was bound and its a start.
The warmer environment finally let me get my arms under far enough in Supta Kurmasana and bind my feet, It has finally dawned on me that the higher up the shoulders my legs are the easier it is to bind my hands and cross my feet, OK I admit it lasted about 3 seconds before I lost my hands, but I did it. wahoooooooooo. I lost the hands as I was working my head under my feet, so brought my hands to the front and was just about able to lift myself with feet crossed. This was all done with Cary watching, but no intervention, so I know it was me that did it, she has given me the tools and is now letting me learn to use them. No resting on my laurels though as I got a good squishing in Badha Konasana, going beyond my feet again. She had me really working today, her next mission seems to be getting me to come up and over with straight legs in Urdva Mukha Paschimottanasana. I just don’t seem to be able to generate enough momentum to get over the balance point and then there’s the little matter of letting go of my feet, but she had me balanced and quivering pointing my feet, head to shins or was it the other way round?
No escape in closing, after 4 x Urdva Dhanurasana, she noticed I forgot the vinyasa after forward bend, you gotta do it all! I was pretty knackered by this point, only sporadically ujaying as she reminded me in Matsyasana. I did manage 2 reasonable attempts at Ardha Sirsasana, so thats another tick, got the nice neck and back manipulation as I was in Childs pose. With no train to run for another 10 minute Savasana, I am beginning to appreciate what this pose does, especially after such a deep, engaged practice. Happy, satisfying practice 🙂
After practice headed across town to the Yoga Show, bumped into a few people I knew, including Cary as I was leaving, though missed Abby, which was a shame. Lots of temptations, but all I bought was a 20 minute shiatsu massage, which was wonderful and 2 pots of sead snacks, which should brighten up my lunchtime sarnies next week. The things I really liked I couldn’t afford, like the beautiful sculpture above. There was even one stand offering the first degree course in Yoga, am quite tempted to look into it, though god knows where I would get the time to study.
I asked Cary about the headache problems I have been getting after practice, her answer more water, lots more water. I said to her that 6 months ago when I met her, I had no thought of doing Supta K, too old, should have started yoga earlier etc, but here we are 6 months later and its more than a definite possibility, she said yoga is a metaphor for life, don’t give up on things that seem out of reach.

4 Responses to “Practice (yes!) & Yoga Show”

  1. susananda Says:

    Hands and feet bound… WOO-HOO!!!

    I remember the first time I did that 🙂

  2. Kevin Says:

    A definite yippeeee moment, even if it only lasted 3 seconds! Got to work out how to keep them there now. Though apparently when I talked to Cary after I bound in the wrong order! Met her at the yoga show in the afternoon as well.

  3. Wayne Says:

    Well done!

  4. globie Says:

    Thanks Wayne, just hope I can repeat the trick

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