I am still so tempted

I can’t afford it, I know there’s a 99% chance that it wont happen, but I keep looking at it, reading its sylabus and thinking about being able to do it. To study yoga at that level sounds so good, to study something that brings so much to my life, that would be for me, not for a job, not to make money, but for me and purely for my own enjoyment and satisfaction. I downloaded the application form and have it filled in, awaiting a walk to the post office, do I dare send it, is there really any point wasting 27p on a stamp. Its probably another pipe dream.

Ten years ago I went through the same thing, there was an advert in Wanderlust for a degree in Travel & Tourism, I sent in the form and was provisionally accepted, but the economics of giving up work for three years, continuing to pay a mortgage and find money to live 100 miles away from home, as well as tuition fees, well it just didnt add up. Why do good things not come up earlier in life, when I didn’t have a mortgage, responsibilities and aging parents and students didn’t leave Uni with bigger debts than HBOS. I can dream, but I am oh so tempted to post that form.


3 Responses to “I am still so tempted”

  1. WellWisher Says:

    Post the form. You can change your life. If you really want it you will be able to find a way to afford it. Your parents are ageing, but so are everyone’s! The way to make them happiest is to be happy yourself. Good luck xxxx

  2. AC Says:

    Kev, just post the application form.

    Dare to dream and to have hope.

  3. Nairam Says:

    Oh, I’m here cheering for you, post it, post it!!!! You will make your own road! 😉

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