Mind on the mat

Nice to return to practice, focus, flow, just enjoying my practice, even though for some reason my shoulders were aching from the start, so the first few updogs were a bit uncomfortable. Lots of people there today, a good energy in the room, moving mats to make spaces for people coming in didn’t matter, it was just part of the sequence. My standing sequence has become very consistent at the Shala, no faffing, just straight through, well except for the chant half an hour in, I like the way Cary always stops for the chant, and after the chant Cary is waiting at the end of my mat for UHP, I still don’t enjoy this posture.

My mind shuts up much faster these days, and today I wasnt looking forward to postures later in the sequence, but actually managed to engage in each one as I did it, which is far from often being the case. My foot is niggling me quite a lot still, but I managed Triang Mukha without a block, though I did use one for Janu C. Marichyasana was better today, my right foot playing ball for the lotus ones, though I only managed a finger touch on Mari D, but it feels like its coming back, A – C were nice. I did Supta Kurmasana again this morning, so it wasnt a fluke, though again bound my feet first, but I stayed there, I love being able to do that posture now. Another lovely adjustment in Baddha Konasana, love the way she does that, kneeling on my hips, easing me forwards to the floor, it doesnt hurt my feet anymore. As usual the bum balances were rubbish, I couldn’t get the momentum to come up from supine, but I had physically put so much in to what had preceeded it. I have noticed after practice that I am barely able to speak, I am so drained, though mentally I feel sharp as a pin.

My backbends are suffering from no longer doing what Susan calls my “cheaters Ustrasana”, doing Urdva Dhanurasana with no warm up is not happening, I had 5 goes today, only on the last 2 was I able to stay up there and breathe, I have given up playing around with dropping back for now. Managed 2 x Ardha Sirsasana today, am far from comfortable though, but am getting how to do it, followed by a 10 minute (train missing) Savasana. I need a good Savasana, my practice seems so intense these days, I appreciate laying there with the sun coming in. At least I didnt have to run for the next train, I took my time via the pain au raisin shop.

So practice was what I wanted, nothing spectacular, but no lows either. I e-mailed the form for the course, that’s a year away and I still can’t decide, but a friend is hopefully putting me in touch with an OU lecturer next week for a chat, they have my form what happens next who knows.


10 Responses to “Mind on the mat”

  1. AC Says:

    You see, just eating 1 Wispa won’t harm S.Kurmasana.

    Good on you, emailing the application form is a step in the right direction. Whatever happens in a year’s time, so be it, ride the wave when it’s there!

    I reckon you deserve a bar of chocolate for this wk.

  2. Kevin Says:

    Yes can forget about it now until they contact me.

    Funny you should mention chocolate, my Dad bought me a bar of Milka, half of which seemed to disappear during Match of the Day last night. Will see if it has an effect on Supta K. That could be my thesis, how many Wispa’s can you eat before Supta K becomes mission impossible

  3. AC Says:

    Criminal minded and permissive as I am – even I would NOT encourage too liberal experimentation with how many bars of Wispas you can eat before Supta K disappears…………

    Gosh, there’s get to be some discipline!!

  4. Kevin Says:

    C. is away next Sunday, so potential for criminality returns, Ustrasana, or in your case no jumping, followed by wispas!

  5. AC Says:

    Hey, I’m not not that disobedient!! Pretty much a ‘goody-two-shoes’ these days.

    The thought of criminality when teacher is not around never crossed my mind………….

  6. Kevin Says:

    Yeah right! that’s why you try and hide up the back! I expect she will have told the other teacher about your criminal tendencies!

  7. AC Says:

    With fellow criminals in my wake is it a wonder one can’t follow the ‘right’ path? 🙂

    Hmm, no Wispas for you!

  8. Kevin Says:

    No Wispa’s, but OMG were those pain au raisins I had after practice nice! I fancy a Wispa but its chucking it down.

    Hopefully there will be lots of people there again like yesterday, so she wont notice the odd 2nd series addition.

    Your Prasaritas are good, I saw you get your head on the floor.

  9. AC Says:

    Well, thank you.

    Chucking down here too but I’m going out for a huge latte and panettone.

    I’m not going to condone any criminality on your part!!

  10. Liz W Says:

    I’m also an OU lecturer, Globie. If there’s any info I can help with, just leave me a message over on WoYo 🙂

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