Decision making

Not much time for practice the last couple of days, only managed about an hour each evening, as have other stuff going on. Mainly to do with the travel club and deciding about the yoga degree course, a couple of OU lecturers have been good enough to get in touch via blog cyberspace, both independently came up with the same answers, that with the timescale of the course and the amount of study needed they would not recommend someone working full time to undertake it, its just too much, even though its billed as part time with Saturday lectures and summer school, the amount of study needed is tantamount to it being a full time course. Having sent my application form in, I will let it ride, you never know I may have won the lottery by then and be able to give up work to do it.

I need my backbends back, they have been abysmal of late, it seems as soon as I start to get to grips with a posture I lose the ability to do another one that I have been doing, even so Supta K has brought a big grin to my practice 🙂

I need to practice today, tomorrow is a moon day, which could be just as well as my GP surgery have at last been in touch to say a few of my vaccinations are out of date and need re-doing, Typhoid, Polio, Hep A, so my arm or my arse will be a pin cushion tomorrow morning, no doubt something will be sore and a hindrance to practice, so just as well its the legal day off.


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