New teacher- Another good one

Usual 5am slog into the city for practice at the shala. Though today would be different, having got used to practice with Cary and Charlie and the irregular sub teachers like Susan and Eunice, today I met aussie Cat who is taking over Charlie’s Sundays. Another new teacher, after 2 and a bit years with one regular teacher (Easter B.), since March I have practised with 5 new ones and Cat made it 6, though all have been good for my practice. I immediately liked Cat, as she had the shala oven toasty warm, good conditions to practice as far as I am concerned, especially when I think back to classes years ago at the local sports centre,  done in a bloody freezing cold squash court with an audience looking on from above.

Familiar mat neighbours give practice a homely feel, it amazes me how everyone always finds their same spot, front row of me in the corner, then K, then Susan, though crim AC was absent I noticed from the back row, hope she has a good excuse!

Standing felt good today, the temperature helped, I feel I can open up more and am less subconsciously protective when its warm, I can just practice without having to think about pulling something. Cat’s adjustments feel quite light, but are still very effective, I was just going to come out of Prasarita Padot C, when she touched my back and began taking me deeper, though she didn’t kill my shoulders. First time in ages I have been left alone in UHP, it was good to do it on my own in the shala, comparing it to my home practice. I find when I am being adjusted I tend to lose the connection and the teacher takes the weight of my foot, when I do it alone I can sometimes like today release the hamstring more and stretch the leg and knee straighter.

Dandasana reminded to use Udiyana and not my shoulders and a nice squishing in Paschimottanasana. A different kind of adjustment in Triang Mukha today, instead of bringing the wayward knee in parallel, she concentrated on taking me deeper into the forward bend and keeping the torso in line, that was actually a VERY intuitive adjustment if Cat did but realise it, as she was pushing into the troublesome muscle in the lower left side of my back, it felt like she was spreading it out and releasing whatever it is, that is so annoying. This then helped when it came to Marichyasana, my knees came out to play today, Mari C was nice, so thought I would try to bind myself in Mari D, first side managed to get a nice twist and a slender finger grip, before Cat came and stabilised it, couldn’t manage the second side, but after the release she had given that back muscle I think Mari D will happen again. Supta Kurmasana bound again hand and foot, I just love doing this now, its so satisfying, only assistance was having my already bound hands adjusted a bit more. Adjusted in Supta Padangusthasana for the first time in ages, though didn’t realise having the hand on the floor instead of on the leg constitued cheating!

I somehow managed 5 x Urdva Dhanurasana, first 2 were up and down, the next 3 I stayed up, I actually felt in control for the first time in a few weeks, think I will re-introduce Cary’s wall walking during the week if my backbends are coming back to the party. Sirsasana itself was upright and stable, but had 2 abortive goes at Ardha, first one I went over the top, luckily with some control and a deft touch from Cat kept me out of trouble, second attempt I came down to halfway, but lost the control as I tried to go back up. I think I need to find the same determination to crack this one as I found for SK, though I think Cary or someone needs to take me through it again, I think I am engaging the wrong bits of anatomy at the wrong time.

A really enjoyable flowing practice today, some lovely adjustments, the heat and subtle back muscle adjustment made Marichyasana D happen again. The teaching is of such a high standard at YP.

Getting home was another matter, had to take the long tube route, due to line closures (Met,Circle,H&C) and missed the first train (OK there was a Pain au Raisin detour), second train 30 minutes later was cancelled, so ended up waiting an hour at Euston, when I did get home it was raining grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, but a nice present waiting when I got home, my Mum had been to the local Farmers Market and found some scrummy wheat free cinnamon raisin crunch muesli/granola from a local company.


9 Responses to “New teacher- Another good one”

  1. annabella Says:

    It’s so nice to have those flowing practices!

    Also it’s great that you can take things from all these different teachers. Cat sounds lovely. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  2. AC Says:

    Sounded like you had a terrific practice and you have Supta K sussed, good on ya!!

    Hmm, if I revealed my activity for y’day then I really will be in the ‘criminal’ category, so I will keep quiet. Well, I was just criminalising another practice shall we say!

    I look forward to being taught by Cat one of these days.

    Have a lovely week.

  3. susananda Says:

    Hey, I knew you’d like her! I agree, soft but very effective adjustments.

    I peeked over and saw your supta k – looks great!! You’ve not only crossed your feet now, but got your head right down underneath in the centre. Much better than I can manage without coming from dwi pada…

  4. Kevin Says:

    I like Cat, her adjustments are like Easter’s, you don’t think anything is happening, then realise it is.

    I seem to be stuck once I get into Supta K though, I can’t manoevre my head further under my feet, so I can get the lift with feet behind the head.How do you work the head further under?

  5. globie Says:

    Anna, all the teachers seem to pick on different things, make small changes to poses etc, after practice with just 1 teacher for 2 years, it feels like being let loose in the candy store, all these new things to play with. I was almost practising in a comfort zone before, not really making much progress, Cary and all the others have well and truly put paid to that, but my practice has moved along amazingly since March!

    AC, I just knew you were being criminal elsewhere! But I have no doubt you will pay eventually!

  6. Alfia Says:

    I love practicing with new teachers. When I travel, the best part of the experience is to try every single ashtanga studio in the city. So much fun!

  7. globie Says:

    Hi Alfia, I do too, but I also like the consistency you get from a regular teacher, who knows your body and practice, knows how strongly to adjust and can incrementally get you to places you never dreamed of, like Cary has with Supta K and the way she pushes other parts of my practice and doesnt let me be lazy in certain poses (Virabadrasana). All the teachers at YP are great, they must have a secret mould hidden away.

  8. AC Says:

    Crime does not pay…………..

    Yep, we have great teachers at YP. In general I think in London we’re very blessed to have such wonderful teachers.

  9. Alfia Says:

    I agree, Kevin. Having one teacher consistently is a great blessing. Having an opportunity to practice with other teacher – just a treat.

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