Two steps forward?

Well I made headway with the Christmas shopping this morning, its mostly done, some is still winging its way from Amazon, but mostly I just need to employ my abysmal wrapping skills.

After a reasonably good practice last night I woke up stiff as a board this morning, I notice I am stiff on Mondays after the Sunday shala practice as well. The better the practice the stiffer I seem to get later in the day or the following morning, I feel like regression after being supple, there seems to be no middle ground. I will do some practice later when the house warms up, I just turned the heating on, its a cold day and they are still saying we will wake to snow in the morning which could make getting into the city for practice interesting. We just got the news that by the time I get back from India we are going to have trains on Sunday mornings again, first time in 3 years, so no longer the bus at 5.30am, instead a train at 7am, yes another 90 minutes precious sleep on a Saturday night.The only problem is it means I wont get to the shala until 8.15, which is annoying as it means some rapid practices before they chuck us out at 10am.


2 Responses to “Two steps forward?”

  1. annabella Says:

    I am impressed that you’re done with your holiday shopping! Wow!

    I heard Christmas music today for the first time. I do love this time of year.

    Snow in London? : )

  2. globie Says:

    Christmas begins earlier and earlier every year over here, there was stuff in the shops at the end of September.

    Apparently there was snow where I live, but by the time I got back from the shala the rain had washed it away, though there are some big black clouds looming in the distance.

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