The long day

Monday is a long day, though I only have to now survive 2 more before I escape.  A bit of a pick n mix practice last night, some standing followed by seated through to Marichyasana C, then some backbending via bed hanging, wall walking and criminal second series additions. But it did stop the usual Monday stiffness forming too deeply.

On Monday nights I watch “Spooks” on BBC, every week the action seems to happen either on the south bank or at Liverpool ST station, I’m amazed I havnt seen any of this blood and haymen, of spies being assassinated etc as I go through there 4 times each week, my drishte must be elsewhere!


2 Responses to “The long day”

  1. susananda Says:

    Haymen?? 🙂

    I should try watching Spooks, I go through there about four times a DAY!

  2. Kevin Says:

    Oh MAYHEM, my spelling!

    Ye surprised you havnt seen it, so far this series there have 2 assassinations at Liverposl st, last oneshot in glass lift! You must have had your mind elsewhere!

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