The other day I mentioned that the more I practice, the more healthy food choices I seem to subconsciously make. Yoga has awakened my awareness of my body as well, like how I stand in the Post Office queue, being aware of not standing on one leg etc, I am also more likely to pick up on little signals about when my body is not working properly and be more aware of what will help from food to stretching or resting. Yoga effects the body on so many levels, from physical asana, quietening the mind, to making us more aware of the fuel we put in to our systems.

Practice on last nights Moon day eve was another full Primary, it was quite slow for some reason, but the backbends are beginning to feel better, though I wasnt as successful as of late with Supta K, I could bind my feet and hands, but not at the same time. A good practice again, but I feel like I need a break.

I woke this morning to the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, a worrying development, especially as I head for India in 2 weeks time and more so because they were targetting US and UK citizens. Random attacks are one thing, having a UK passport that is tantamount to having a sign round your neck with “Shoot me” is something else. I am quite surprised my mother hasn’t (yet) been on the phone demanding that I burn my air ticket.


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