No inclination

Saturday used to be a major practice day, but for various reasons over the last month or so I have not managed a decent practice on a Saturday. I like to practice on Saturday so that Sunday at the Shala has more chance of being good and feeling that its safe to open up and stretch and accept adjustments when they come. Today so far it has been so bloody cold, outside its only just above freezing, with thick fog and inside doesn’t feel much warmer. I have stood on my mat in Uttanasana, but my feet were turning into blocks of ice, I just couldn’t find the inclination to practice.

After abandoning practice for the morning I went out to lunch with my parents, my Christmas dinner in lieu of being in India, my mother speculating about what I will be having over there, yes she accepts I am still going and nothing short of nuclear war will stop me from standing at the front of my mat on Monday 15th December at 7.30am. She knows I would be utterly miserible if I was forced to stay home and endure the tediuous boredom of Christmas in the UK, with the endless tv of soap operas, repeats and the same crap films they show every year, which they now bill as “classic” and not repeats, ho hum bar humbug!

Cat if you are reading this, please set the heating in the Shala to “tropical” for the morning, I want to be warm!


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