Triang Mukha knee click

Another full primary last night, 2nd during the week again which can only be good. I have begun to notice that when I get to seated the first lotus pose Ardha Baddha my foot cannot get high enough for the bind because of the restriction in the knee. But when I do Triang Mukha there is a click and suddenly doing lotus in Marichyasana is possible . The position the knee takes going into Triang Mukha seems to click something into place, which is out of place the rest of the day.

It turned into another long practice what with adding in Susan’s revolved Janu and Parighasana for the QL, plus extra goes at trying to come up into Ubhaya and Urdva Paschimottanasana.

Backbends are strange, I did some dropping back when I got home and was quite open and got quite a long way. However doing them 3 hours later in the practice sequence, they were nothing like as bendy and I only managed one decent Urdva Dhanurasana. Why is my back seemingly more flexible after sitting in a chair for 8 hours than after 90 minutes of yoga, don’t get it.

It’s Friday at least, not sure how much practice I will get tonight as it’s my nieces 16th birthday and I have a lot to prepare for tomorrows travel club meeting. But at least that will be preceeded by practice with Michaela at TLC


2 Responses to “Triang Mukha knee click”

  1. susananda Says:

    Hm, I’d be careful with that… I used to get a knee click in tiriang mukha and it wasn’t good.. of course your thing may be way different, but make sure it isn’t the case that you are able to get into lotus after tiriang because your knee has popped OUT, compensating for the hip not moving. Like your hip is in the same place, but after tiriang you are taking the movement intended for the hip in the knee…?

  2. globie Says:

    Thanks Susan I see what you mean, though the click doesnt hurt

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