Goa is sunny!

Am finally here after a very long day and night. Flight left late due to 4 idiot people getting to the departure gate and finding they needed a visa for India, doh…. Which meant them being kicked off the flight and having to wait for their bags to be removed. Noisy night as they showed the Mama Mia film, a bunch of sheep shaggers (Sorry welsh people, who obviously don’t get out much and can’t handle their drink), who insisted on singing the songs loudly, all I wanted to do was sleep, at least brats get told to shut up once in while by their parents. The only redeeming feature of the flight was the nice couple who sat next to me and wait for this, Shepherds Pie, yes I couldnt believe it either when I took the foil lid off, but it was a proper shepherds pie with peas and carrots, inflight catering has become edible at last.

We eventually landed at 9.30 in the morning local time, interminable queue to get through immigration, and a mad system for collecting your luggage, 2 belts handling 2 incoming flights together, plus bag handlers taking bags off the belts and stacking them up in 3 piles around the building, meaning you had to try and watch 5 places to spot your bag, saw mine come through the entry hole on the other belt and managed to run round and grab it. Then out into the mayhem to find my designated bus number 1 to Anjuna, I was the last to be dropped off at 12.30. Hotel is best described as basic, but its clean and the shower works.

Walked down to Brahmani Yoga to find out where it is, found Mel and Andrea still there from the morning practice, way too late for me to join in and this afternoons workshop has been cancelled, probably a good thing, I am knackered. Mel told me to come tomorrow and “Take it easy” after the travelling and the heat. Yes its hot, its glorious, after freezing my wotsits off getting to Gatwick yesterday it was 28c when we landed. I have just had a soup lunch looking out to sea. Am now trying to stay awake until bedtime, need to find a bottomless teapot.


One Response to “Goa is sunny!”

  1. Ursula Says:

    Ha, here it is sunny, too (but cold).

    Keep on blogging. It gets interesting now. 🙂

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