Anjuna Market

Anjuna Market






I was plodding happily through Primary this morning, a nice practice with some deep adjustments. Mel noticed I go too low in Chaturanga, which is maybe why my shoulder has been unhappy, I could feel the difference when I stayed higher and engaged Udiyana more, though relaxing the bum is harder than you imagine, well most people reading this probably can imagine! Although Mari D is still not bound, it is feeling less stressful, especially in my back. Had 2 goes at Supta Kurmasana, managing the binds on the 2nd go. After Urdva Dhanurasana Mel came over and said time for 2nd series! Pasasana, wow never thought anyone would ever get around to giving me that. Had to use a block but amazingly I bound on the second side and was able to deepen the twist on my own, with Mel there in case I lost balance, what a surprise that was. She had me do Krounchasana and Salabhasana after and Vajrasana not in lotus, but with the idea to ease my thighs out in preparation for Bhekasana. Then went back to Primary to finish off. Over 2 hours today, I could feel it by the finish. The lady on the next mat looked familiar, we both realised we knew each other from somewhere, turns out she’s from Norwich and did the Claire Missingham workshop in April, small world this ashtanga world.

I was well and truly ready for brek/brunch, starving in fact as last night I didn’t manage to get a meal, I had gone back to have a shower when the water and power went off, bedroom lights were still on so I knew it wasn’t a power cut. The hotel sent someone to have a look, he got another bod who in turn called “Maintenance Man”, who turned up a while later with a carpet bag full of wire, drills, jars of nails and various other stuff, they then proceeded to take apart the live circuit in the bathroom, rather him than me, live bits of multi coloured spaghetti hanging out of the wall, the switch had actually burned out.90 minutes later it was fixed, but by this time A. had been and gone at the restaurant and I couldn’t be bothered to go out again, so settled for a muesli bar and a cup of tea or three. So when my bacon and sausage sandwich with chips and toast arrived at 10am I was ravenous.

Wednesday is market day, so I went to have a look, if ever there was a terrorist target that has to be it, there was a token security presence, 2 uniformed army types with rifles from the first world war, not much to worry Ali the terrorist with his AK47. I bought some bags for my nieces and a cup of tea and a brownie off a German baker lady, very tasty. It was scorching as I walked home up the beach, paddling in the waves, though the current was surprisingly strong, as I can’t swim, paddle depth is deep enough as far as I am concerned.

I am aching a little after 3 days of intense practice, so gave in and had a massage this afternoon, it was not that strong, but very relaxing, I kept dropping off, then she would press on something sore and wake me up again.

I am looking forward to practice in the morning, practice has new life again, more toys to play with!


4 Responses to “Pasasana!”

  1. Alfia Says:

    Congratulation, Kevin! What a big step. And you totally deserve it. 🙂

  2. susananda Says:

    OMG! THat’s great! 🙂

    I’m confused though, did you make a typo? Pasasana AFTER urdhva dhanurasana, and then back to primary???

  3. globie Says:

    Thanks Alfia, it has been a long time getting there.

    Susan, no typo, I was ploughing through and did UD, then Mel came over and gave me the second series poses. After I had done them I completed the rest of primary. When are you supposed to put in the 2nd series ones?

  4. susananda Says:

    Hi… I already answered this on my blog, but just for the record…. it’s last pose of primary (setu bandhasana), followed directly by any 2nd series poses, followed by urdhva dhanurasana + associated dropbvacks etc, followed by closing. You would never start second series after urdhva dhanurasana, and never go back to primary either.

    Primary + second + backbending + closing

    Can you find out why she is getting you to do it in a weird order???

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