Counted Practice

Saturday is the day for lead Primary here, the first I have done in a while. Thinking about it the last time I did a complete lead Primary was back in June. Mel lead the practice, with Adrianne adjusting. I found it exhausting, it made me realise how slow my self practice has become, but when we got to postures like the Marichyasanas I only got 2 or 3 breaths by the time I got into them, before we moved on, my hips and knees really need time to find the position . It felt like I was dragging myself through it today, rather than flowing with my own breath. Supta Kurmasana I only managed to bind my hands, but I suppose that’s progress from the last time I did a lead practice. Savasana was nice and long, I needed it and appreciated it. I am taking tomorrow off, I need a rest.

After practice via the shop to our little breakfast place for a lovely bacon sandwich and a pot of tea, they now just give me a BIG pot. Adrianne joined us, nice to chat to her about life in Goa and her Thai massage, I am going to have one next week before I go home. Her adjustments are quite intuitive, like Cat’s back at YP, massage therapists seem to know exactly what to press and squish and what to stretch and lengthen. That will be my Christmas present to me.

Alas the Night Market is cancelled, but Adrianne told us that another place is going to have an event this afternoon and into the evening, selling nice things, so plan to chill out for a few hours and then head there, but right now I need my sugar hit. Despite having had breakfast I still crave something sugary after practice, I don’t know where this comes from, but be it chocolate or sugar lumps, it just has to be done.


2 Responses to “Counted Practice”

  1. arturo Says:

    hi Kevin
    nice to read about your experiences in Goa. i agree with your observations that teachers who have a background in Thai massage know how to adjust well. my teacher in Berkeley has that background and he is an expert in adjustments.
    Happy Holidays to you,

  2. Kevin Says:

    Thanks Arturo,

    Merry Christmas to you too.

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