Practice after Baga

Yesterday was my day off, I went down the coast to explore Baga and Calangute, they are much busier, the beaches are full of touts hassling for business, they charge stupid amounts compared to Anjuna for a sunbed and generally it had the feeling that its all too much. I wanted to just wander along the lovely beach, but every 10 yards someone wanted to be your friend and show you their shop etc etc…. leave me alone… I was glad to get back to the relative peace of Anjuna,  where we sat cross legged at the quiet northern end of the beach with some other people watching the red ball of a sun drop into the Arabian Sea at 6pm last night.

This morning it was back to the mat, my knees were not coming out to play at all today, I think walking annoys them and I walked miles yesterday. Mel took me deeply into Supta Kurmasana, really nice, Marichyasana B & D were impossible, my knees need regular practice, a day off doesn’t seem to be good for them. It was almost a relief when Mel started adjusting me in Pasasana, she had let me have a couple of goes on my own then came to help, followed by Krounchasana, Salabhasana, Bhekasana preps and Dhanurasana. The front of my thighs are now seriously aching, 2nd really takes it out of you, especially when you have been used to that mind set after seated of “just closing to go“, you suddenly need to find a whole new energy. She also had me doing Ustrasana and Kapotasana against the wall, this is definitley good for my Urdva Dhanurasana, it adds stability, the whole thing feels more grounded. A typical practice after a day off, hopefully tomorrow will feel less tortuous.

My right shoulder is still niggling away, so after practice I booked my Thai yoga massage for tomorrow afternoon, it will be for 2 hours, so hopefully Adrianne will get into the problem and the one in my lower back. It’s been good receiving her adjustments in practice, hopefully this will have helped her for the massage as well, she will know what needs some help to open.

Breakfast at Orangeboom, I needed that pot of tea, though they are closed on Christmas day, I do wonder how much will be open, I may have to do a supermarket sweep on Christmas eve just in case.



3 Responses to “Practice after Baga”

  1. Ursula Says:

    Yeah that’s funny. To walk alone in silence seems to be difficult in Goa. It’s a lively society.

  2. Boodiba Says:

    Hi!!! Susananda told me I should come here – am leaving very soon to come to Goa and practice with Rolf & Marci. Am a little worried that I hear they are in a “relatively remote” part of Goa! Pfft.

    Well I don’t have much time right NOW cause it’s early morning and I have to get ready to leave for my practice in NYC. Was wondering if I could bother you w/ a few questions later.

  3. globie Says:

    Hi Boodiba,

    I e-mailed you, so if there’s any questions just get in touch.

    Ursula silence does not exist here!

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