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My Gorinto

My Gorinto



Yesterday was really hot, I wandered along the beach and saw someone had tried to make a sand Gorinto, so I thought hey there’s plenty of nice pebbles laying around I will try and make a stone one. Making a Gorinto is an amazingly meditative thing to engage in, your mind and eyes are scanning the surrounding area for those potentially perfect stones that will balance five high and become a Gorinto, you lose track of time, it took over an hour to find the right combination of 5 stones that would balance. Further on I ran into Amy and her family, so spent the rest of the afternoon with them, they are a nice bunch and we watched the sun set.

This morning I had one of the best practices I have had in a very long time, I mainly just did Primary, with a few of the 2nd series inserted after seated. I think the combination of always being warm in this climate, you don’t wake up so stiff in the morning, plus I think I have lost a little weight, I just don’t eat so much when I am away from the daily drudge, have begun to have the desired effect on my practice. Standing felt much more open, it was one of those days when you can feel that its not going to be such a struggle. A nice surprise in seated when I managed to bind both sides of Marichyasana D on my own, if only fleetingly, though whether my knees appreciated it I am not sure, I’ll no doubt find out later. Supta Kurmasana was good today, I managed to lift for a second or 2 with my feet behind my head. A really helpful adjustment in Urdva P. being supported meant I could concentrate on Cary’s instructions about pointing the feet and straightening the legs, there’s no ruch here, they let you release into the postures more.

After seated I did Pasasana, now I have it I want to try it. But Brahmani are very into the concept of it being your own practice, which means I can put in an Ustrasana or 3 and Laghu Vajrasana to open my body. Urdva Dhanurasana was different today, the first one was hard, but on the second one it was like something clicked in the middle of my back and I suddenly had a much deeper bend with the weight seeming to be more evenly spread between hands and feet, number 3 felt really good, so good in fact, that I stood up and added in cross arm dropping back, then using the wall when I ran out of bend, I was really open, it feels so good when its like that, releasing not struggling.

So a lovely practice and a long Savasana before brunch. This afternoon I have my Thai massage to look forward to, my Christmas present to me, hopefully I wont seize up later.


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