Thai massage & Practice

Yesterday afternoon I had my Thai massage, it was really good, she did some lovely gentle, but very deep backbends and twists and got well into my niggling shoulder, the 2 hours went way too quickly. This morning I woke to a sore throat and snotty nose, but went to practice in the hope of sweating it out. Adrianne must have spoken to Mel about my painful shoulder, as they looked into how I was doing my Surya’s and jump throughs, I need to be higher in the Chaturanga and she said that its like I am swinging through in the vinyasa, using my shoulders as a pendulum, so I am no longer jumping straight through. Despite my new cold, practice was another good one, I managed to again fleetingly bind myself in Marichyasana D, and with help lifted up in Supta Kurmasana. Mel changed the way I get into Bhujapidasana today, instead of wriggling under, she got me to bring the feet round and stand on my hands, then cross and lift the feet, then to bend the elbows to go down, I seem to have been just pivoting my body to get into the posture and always end up on the top of my head. It felt ok and hopefully was good for my shoulders.

My 2nd series experiments recommenced today, I thought about leaving them out, but did Pasasana and Mel came over to take me through some more, she again had me do Kapotasana against the wall. This is another pose where I stop breathing, Mel said she had noticed that I have this habit when its a posture that is hard, or that I at least find hard. I know I do it with the first Urdva Dhanurasana, its like the breathing valve is shut off and I can’t engage and breath, let alone an Ujayi one. By the time I had done the closing poses, the teachers had long gone and the next class was coming in. Tomorrow the shala is closed, much like a lot of other stuff around here, I will practice in my room if I feel ok when I wake up, though as I type the cold is making me feel not too great.

After practice we had breakfast, where I discovered that A. is a dab hand at Backgammon, I didnt even know she played, but she loves beating the other ex-pats! Then I wandered along the beach to the big flea market, lots of crap, same, same lookey lookey my shop velly cheap price. Though glad to find Diana from Coffee Heaven there with her tea and brownie stall.

Who knows if any internet places will be open here tomorrow, so if not wishing all you yogi’s and yoginis a very happy christmas


One Response to “Thai massage & Practice”

  1. AC Says:

    You seem to be having a ball of a time, cold not withstanding. Gargle with warm salty water to get rid of sore throat.

    I’m getting ready for my bit of sunshine and looking forward to practicing under the African sun and glorious heat. It’ll be a few busy wks of self-practice, eating copious amounts of bbq and drinking far too much wine for the liver BUT also practicing meditation – my idea of retreat!!!

    I’ll probably have intermittent internet access but if not, have a lovely Xmas and New Year. See you in a mth’s time.

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