India in Pictures

The Brahmani Shala
Globie - Vrksasana
Final Sunset
I eventually made it home late last night, all the passengers on the plane jeered when they said the temperature was just 1 degree above freezing! The pictures are just a few of many, The Brahmani Shala where I practised with Mel, Adriane and Julie’s guidance. The silhouette sunset photos we tried for fun, think A.’s Trikonasana looks great holding up the sun. The wonderful OrangeBoom Cafe, great brunches after practice. My Gorinto that took ages to construct on the beach and the final stunning sunset.
Goa was great for yoga, never being cold, even when you have a cold, makes such a difference, I think I will have to be careful practising back here in the cold. Second series was such a big step, so good of Mel to think I was ready. I hope Cary lets me continue with it.
This yoga year has had highs and lows, losing Easter’s wonderful counted practice in March, worrying what I would do, followed by Susan encouraging me to YP and into Cary’s hands and the sheer joy of binding Supta Kurmasana. Turkey with Abby in June was great, but then stress fracturing my foot in Bali, pulled me up and back. Its taken 3 months for my foot to recover, but at last I can practice again, finishing the year with being given the first few poses of second series has been such a bonus in the Indian sunshine. 

18 Responses to “India in Pictures”

  1. Ursula Says:

    Ohhhhhhh, great. I open my mouth and stare at your beautiful pictures.
    Welcome home. Ursula

  2. globie Says:

    Glad you like them. I added some more to other entries.

  3. amberlin Says:

    Thanks for sharing such great stories of your trip. I really enjoyed reading it all, and congrats on all the new poses. You have a lot of work to do now that you’re home! I cannot imagine getting so many poses all at once.

    It does seem like your journey went by really fast. I’ve taught myself to enjoy the anticipation of a trip as much as the trip itself, which helps with the returning home letdown.

  4. Kevin Says:

    Yes lots of new things to work on, though need my mats to dry first, as they just came out of the washing machine, which now has sand in the bottom!

    The first week was great, the second week just flew by, though the days didnt seem to pass in a rush themselves. The antidote to the post trip letdown is to book another one. Hamburg in July for a week doing practice with Dena is a long time away though!

  5. tiffany83 Says:

    wow sounds like you’ve had an awesome time!!

  6. globie Says:

    Just booked the Kino workshop in April!

  7. Ursula Says:

    Just a question: Are you a yoga addict?

  8. globie Says:

    Yes! I’m not the only one though.

  9. susananda Says:

    OMG Kino in London!! Thank you for being on top of things Kevin, I’m going to book that today! I’m sure we will get a good blogging contingent as well, and maybe from the shala if I go around raving about her 🙂

    Beautiful pictures. Glad you enjoyed it… yes your practice has been through a lot in a year!

    Cary’s not teaching now.. she practices with us, along with the watermelon, as it now looks. Think baby is about 2 weeks away. We are all well settled in with Cat now of course. I have to warn you.. it generally isn’t done to go away on a workshop and come back with new poses. Who knows though?? In any case you’d better do bigtime work on standing up from backbends, as that’s what’s required for 2S at our shala. However, we have GREAT backbending juju there at the moment – Kristin, Perdie and Caroline ALL stood up for the first time, and I’ve started grabbing my own ankles 🙂

    I’m going to start blogging again soon, then I won’t have to leave such long comments…

    See you for New Year’s Day practice 4-6pm, best way to start the year off?

  10. Kevin Says:

    After you raved about Kino, I have been waiting for the workshop to appear on their website, saw it last night and did the necessary.

    I was thinking Cary must be pretty near by now, let me know if you hear anything.

    Backbends in India were good, being warm all the time keeps the body much more supple, I noticed that when I did hangbacks I was getting much further than at home. I think also the work Mel had me doing with the front of my thighs for the 2 series stuff was also helping with the backbends. I saw Kristen nearly do it before Christmas, good for her that she’s done it and you on grabbing the ankles. But thanks for the heads up, will mind my P’s & Q’s, though may sneak in a quick Pasasana before closing.

    No trains on New Years day, which is a bummer, but should be there on Sunday, if that is still on.

  11. susananda Says:

    Oh, stupid trains!! That’s too bad. I just had to check and phew, there’s a reduced tube service… must remember to leave early tho… every half hour!

    I’m booked for Kino now. The workshops are different this time, which is cool, I get to hear what she has to say on backbending. Too bad only one day mysore though, the other day is led primary but hey… well it is Saturday anyway… I got so many adjustments and advice (basically things like ‘straight legs! straight legs!’) in the two mysore sessions last time… some of them were like seeds planted in my practice that grew.

    See you Sunday then, I’ll try to go near you and see how much you get away with ; )

  12. abbychaya Says:

    Hey Kevin where is the Kino thing happening? Glad you had a great time.. See you at Kino i hope!!

  13. abbychaya Says:

    hi I found it.. Have a very Happy New Year… see you soon. Abbyxx

  14. globie Says:

    Susan I am working on New Years day from another option, Who is teaching Thursday and Sunday, need to work out what I may be able to get away with, tho if Cary is on the mat behind me like the other week, then I may be at risk of getting one of AC’s lectures. Kino workshop looks really interesting,looking forward to it.

    Abby glad you found it, good to practice with Amy last couple of weeks, Hope to see you there.

  15. Wayne Says:

    Thanks for all the posts and pics! You’ll really enjoy practicing with Kino.

  16. yogamum Says:

    Love those photos! I love hearing about your travels — I live vicariously through you, LOL!

  17. susananda Says:

    Hey Kevin… it’s all Cat all the time now, except for me every other Sunday (but not this Sunday, and the next one is moon day). Expect Cary in the room practising! If I were you, I’d speak to one of them about it rather than try to sneak it in…. it WILL be noticed, and it’s more respectful to the teacher to ask… I don’t know, that’s just my approach though. I might beg : )

  18. Kevin Says:

    Yogamum that’s funny, living through my travels, glad you like the photos.

    Hi Wayne, Kino will be new for me, until Susan mentioned her earlier in the year, she had completely escaped my radar.

    Hey Susan, it will be good to practice with you again, its been a while, tho that pesky Moonday is a nuisance a week on Sunday. I don’t plan anything criminal, but will mention to them what I have been up to the last few weeks.

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