Practice in the cold.

Two weeks of practice in the warm was fantastic, but coming back to the reality of practice in a cold winter is not so. Having been travelling all day Sunday and sleeping half of Monday, it wasn’t until Tuesday that I got back on my mat, mainly because my body clock was awake at 7am, I gave up trying to get back to sleep and got on my mat slowly making my way through Primary to Marichyasana, then closing.

I am worried I am going to relose Marichyasana now that I am home, my knees are not so happy as they were in the warmer climate for the lotus part, my lower back is stiffening up again in the cold and then there’s also my mother, who seems to be on a mission to feed me up again! The last time I returned from Goa 15 years ago I had lost nearly 2 Stones (28Lbs) from illness and looked like an Ethiopian, Bob Geldof was probably going to have a concert for me! I was ill for months after. I did lose a little weight again this time, mainly due to yoga, I ate ok and wasnt sick, apart from the cold, but never the less my plate is groaning, then there are cakes, sweets, chocolates, god knows how much she must have bought if this is the leftovers!

This morning I walked to the town, it was dead, you could almost see tumbleweeds rolling up the road, the people in the Post Office were playing word games they were so bored, my friendly hairdresser was sitting in her window waving and only the charity shops seemed to have any customers. It was bitterly cold, I had to thaw out and stop my nose running when I got home before I could practice. Practice turned into a 2 hour slow go, interspersed with tea breaks to help keep me warm. Standing were not so open and I didn’t feel safe to really stretch into my hamstrings. Seated seemed to take forever, though almost touched fingers in Mari D, despite the layers of clothing. A successfull attempt at my new Bhuja entry and a not bad unbound Supta K, considering the amount of layers I was wearing to touch fingers was a result, yoga is so much easier somewhere warm, doing practice with just a t-shirt and shorts, clothing does get in the way. Dived off into all my criminal new backbends, plus a handstand before Urdva D and the rest of closing. My body is coming back to life for practice, it would just like to be warm again, I need a shala practice.

Tomorrow is the first day of woyopracmo which will hopefully set me going again. There is a New Years practice at the shala tomorrow afternoon, which would be wonderful, getting there is the problem as usual, I may have to practice in the cold again.


7 Responses to “Practice in the cold.”

  1. Ursula Says:

    Hi Globie, I wish you a nice evening.
    Our climate is not the best for yoga. We must warm our rooms.

    Happy 2009

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Ursula, Happy 2009 to you & Ed.

  3. Alfia Says:

    Hi, Kevin:

    Your trip was so short! But it sounds like it was totally worth it.

    Happy New Year! Let this year of your life be the best so far. Much love, happiness and peace in 2009!

  4. Kevin Says:

    Thanks Alfia, Happy New Year to you. The trip was great, much better than staying in cold gloomy europe.

  5. Anna Says:

    Happy New Year! The thing about losing poses, and I have lost my share, is that they always come back!

  6. globie Says:

    Anna It looks like you could be right, I bound Mari D both sides this afternoon!

  7. Practice in the cold. « Yoga Bin Blog Says:

    […] Here is the original post:  Practice in the cold. […]

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