Consistent with Confessions – But another good one

Friday’s practice at home was ok, just keeping the muscle memory there and not pissing my knees off in the cooler conditions.

Saturday crack of dawn train into the city for the travel club and the subsequent New years party, but before that to practice with Michaela at TLC. A nice warm room really does make the difference, my whole body is much happier, my knees play ball and yet again I bound all the Marichyasanas on my own and followed that up with a really deep Supta K, plus lift up. Some nice adjustments inbetween from Michaela, she’s one of the best Paschimottanasana squishers in London, as well as taking me further than I have previously been in Prasarita Padot C, though I still have absolutley no idea how near I am to the ground.

Now here is the first confession, after seated I snook in my second series backbends, TLC are not so rigid with the series, I have seen people there being allowed to do 2nd when they can hardly do any bound twists or Supta K, let alone drop back, so I didn’t have the guilt complex I would of had elsewhere in adding in Ustrasana and Laghu Vajrasana before Urdva Dhanurasana. UD although not brilliant compared to some mega bendy people I could mention (Susan), is certainly becoming more grounded and stable, even if I have to still come down between each one to reset my hands, my feet now stay put for the most part and I am able to stop my legs splaying.

I followed this with some hang backs and some wall walking. Thanks for the tips Susan about backbends, I really took my time, lifting my thoracic, engaging the legs, bending back, then instead of coming up, doing it again and going down the wall, it felt much more controlled. Alas I didn’t get dropped back, there were a couple of newbies who needed plenty of attention, but I did get a forward bend squishing after. Ardha Sirsasana also happened today, I managed 2 down and ups, which definitley represents progress. It was another really good satisfying practice, I don’t seem to be pushing myself, it just seems to be happening with more consistency.

My projects for this year seem to be backbends, I now dream with vivid detail of dropping back, how scary is that! And also the bum balances and Ardha Sirsasana, they are all coming, or at least feel like there are subtle changes going on which are making them more likely.

The travel club was fun and was well attended, after which we had our New Years party, where I confess I ate far too much crap, sausage rolls, doritos, chips, cake, muffins, jelly beans, of which I still seem to have a few hundred in my coat pocket! All stuff that is probably detrimental to my newly refound Marichyasana D, but a once a year binge isnt too bad I suppose!


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