First week done

I have to say its after weeks like this that I am truly thankful that I have a practice to fall back on, a shining light at the end of a crap week at Nepotism UK Ltd. It got so bad that we went and bought a load of tickets for tonights Euro Millions lottery draw, we are so desperate to escape.

Since Tuesday practice has been sporadic unfortunately, I have just felt drained of life, prana and get up and go (except to bed), I could quite happily of gone to bed at ten past five each evening when I have arrived home. This freezing weather doesn’t much help either.  Wednesday evening’s practice was kind of organic and unintentional, when I got home I embarked on a bit of a backbend fest for half an hour before dinner. Later I was sat against my radiator and felt the need to stretch forward into Paschimottanasana, this led to doing most of the seated postures, minus vinyasas. I really took my time, letting my knees settle into lotus before attempting poses like Marichyasana, and trying to relax into Baddha Konasana, somehow an hour passed finishing with some handstands just for the hell of it (OK cos no teacher was there to tell me not to 🙂  ).

Thursday was a bad day, my stomach decided to have one of “those” days, I think it was brought on by a combination of a comfort pain au raisin (Wheat), stress of work and these bloody Malaria tablets I am still taking. Practice was out of the question, so I had to settle for some forward bends, downdogs and few very gentle backbends inbetween being doubled over as another spasm arrived.

Friday today, TGIF! 4pm could not come quick enough, my guts are still griping, but are improved, so at 4.15 I started doing Surya A’s, then a few B’s, decided things felt OK and managed to plough through the complete Primary series before dinner at 5.45. Surprisingly good practice, managing Mari’s A – C, Mari D was a bit frustrating, my fingers found each other, but just could not get it together for a complete bind. Super satisfying Supta Kurmasana, even in my not very warm house I managed to bind both ends. Only time for a couple of cheaters Ustrasana before a fairly stable 3 x Urdva Dhanurasana. Managed 2 x Ardha Sirsasana as well, which with the tender state of my stomach was a miracle. A mega short Savasana before dinner was called.

Tomorrow to TLC to practice with Pippa, a very inconveniently placed Sunday moonday means no practice with Susan at YP. I really hope I wake with happier guts and get a nice practice, preferably culminating in being dropped back.


4 Responses to “First week done”

  1. Alin Says:

    Glad you survived the difficult week, I was a little concerned with your lack of posting. Isn’t it amazing how our practice can lift and soothe when everything else around us is crashing and burning? Love it!

    Glad you are back on the practice track and had a nice Friday session. Too bad about the Sunday Moon Day, that’s particularly rough on you. In the US, we’ve got tomorrow (Saturday) as the Moon Day, but then have one on Sunday the 25th. Funny how that works.

    Have a great weekend, and good luck with the numbers!

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Alin,

    Am surprised someone actually misses my scribblings when I don’t get to blog, glad you enjoy them. Practice keeps life on the rails, ther’s no doubt about it.

    Sunday moondays are a pain, last year I got from April to December without one, this year there are too many. Weird how moondays come in different countries, I thought it just depended on which hemisphere you live in.

    Waiting for the numbers to come up, crossing fingers and toes!

  3. arabella Says:

    If you are desperate for a moonday mysore practice, try:

    Roberta is a great teacher. Probably worth checking that the class is on, but her website says they aren’t affected by moondays.

    You might be able to get up a bit later too!

    Cheer up!


  4. globie Says:

    Thanks for the link Arabella, will check it out. Though now totally scuppered as they have cancelled all the trains into Euston on Sunday to try and sort out the mess from earlier in the week when the power lines came down (again). Had a good practice at TLC today, so at least I have practised.

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