Wet concrete indeed!

Headed to the Lifecentre today to get a practice. I need my fix, practice in the shala seems so much more open and satisfying and the warmer conditions usually mean poses are more likely to happen.

I love looking out over the roof tops as we chant and begin to practice, though the view soon disappears as the windows steam up. Nice adjustment in Parsvakonasana, Pippa somehow lengthening  my hip and twisting my torso into a much more stable posture. Also interesting adjustment to my hand position in Downdog, turning my fingers out more but leaving my wrists parallel to the mat. UHP not so good today, this is one pose that to be any good, ie standing balanced and leg reasonably straight, needs to have had me moving about all day, when i do this pose in the evenings it is far better.

Seated were ok today, managed to bind all the Mari’s on my own, though once I had bound D, Pippa came to help with an adjustment, but at least I had got there on my own. My new Bhuja entry is working well, though it seems to have decreased the chance of Titibhasana. Supta Kurmasana in the warmth of the shala was relatively easy to get into, I was quite happily breathing when Pippa came and told me to release it, then proceeded to take my arms even further back for a great bind, the lifted me with legs crossed. As I came up she looked tired and came out with the comment, ” that was like wrestling with wet concrete“, don’t think it was compliment, ha ha! The bum balances were not great, but like UHP, Supta Padangusthasana is another pose that is better later in the day, and I now appreciate the effect SP has on the following Ubhaya and Urdva P.

Squeezed in some Ustrasanas before doing 5 x Urdva Dhanurasanas, 3 of which got adjusted, they must be getting better as I can now stay up longer and find spaces while being adjusted, where as before it was all I could do to just stay up there for 5. Followed this with a few hang backs and some dropping back onto the wall, it does feel like I am getting further down the wall, the warmer room certainly helps too, I think Susan was right with her advice to drop back and spring back up, rather than doing so much walking to the bottom. Alas I didn’t get dropped back again, boo hoo, will just have to hope Cat does it next week. Ardha Sirsasana was a bit of a distaster for some reason, I went over the top twice and decided to abandon it before I took out the yogini on the mat in front. The mats are not tightly packed, but there isnt a lot of room. But a nice eve of Moon day practice.

The weather seems to have warmed a little, though it was snowing when I got off the train, I had to make a detour when I saw torrents flowing down the hill from a burst pipe under the road. Lazy afternoon watching my newly purchased at half price in Woolies, Spooks Series 6 Dvd’s!

2 Responses to “Wet concrete indeed!”

  1. Alfia Says:

    Well, concrete has a value of being strong and stable. I remind myself a slimeball sometimes.
    Kevin, have you tried to drop back on your bed or a couch? Sometimes it works better than the wall.

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Alfia, think the bed or couch are still a bit too low and out of reach, ie I would crash before I could land.

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