Moon day for the IPOD generation.

No I am not talking about those Apple toys, in the paper today my generation (30-45 years old) were described as the IPOD generation, which stands for Insecure, Pressurised, Overtaxed, Debt ridden. We are the generation who will mostly have to work until we die, because the governements have made our pension pots worthless and in the present climate we have property which is nowhere near worth what we paid for it, so that’s another nest egg down the pan. Makes you think those Somali Pirates are onto something, hijacking ships and getting a couple of million to let them go.

As it is Moon day and as there were no trains anyway, I ended up just doing Sun Salutations, standing and a few backbends at home. Mainly just to stretch out the aches and stiffness from yesterdays practice, though my right knee is not happy today, think I have Marichyasana Ligament or something, or old age is creeping up. I find after a really deep shala practice, where I do work harder, especially with the added adjustments, I almost need a recovery day after. I need to do some kind of practice just to stop me from seizing up.


8 Responses to “Moon day for the IPOD generation.”

  1. arturo Says:

    hi Kevin
    i think you speak for a lot of us. i used to think i was a baby boomer, and at 53 technically I am, but IPOD would describe me as well.

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Arturo,

    The other thing the article mentioned was that our parents are known as “SAGA Louts” (SAGA is a travel compnay for old people in the UK and has become a derogatory term for OAP’s), they are busy spending the inheritance that our generation thought would cover what the pension wouldn’t. The article mention a guy who was worried that his parents were wasting their money gambling online, so he encouraged them to do some good for the community with voluntery work for charity, they went off a nd raised money for Africa, the guy thought his inheritance was safe until they came back one day and said they were giving 20 thousand to build a school in Africa! Below is a link to the article

  3. V Says:

    Hmmmm, while I can identify with the whole IPOD thing, I’m not sure about the SAGA. I’ve never counted on an inheritance and in fact, I’m encouraging my parents to spend their money (wisely, of course) travelling, dining and generally having fun now that my brother and I are not dependant on them anymore. They gave us an education that allows us to make a living, so why should they still keep depriving themselves for us? Although I do agree that the whole pension situation is a scam. But we should blame the governments for that. At least in Spain, they have done a damn sloppy job.

  4. Kevin Says:

    Hi V.

    I’m the same because I own the house we live in, so don’t stand to inherit it, though do plan to downsize dramatically when the time comes. My parents have 3 holidays a year in the UK, so I hope are enjoying their retirement.

  5. Clare Says:

    Interesting! I must say that I hope the by the time I retire things will be slightly better. Even at the top age of the 30-45 age bracket, you could be 20 years off retirement.

    As for inheritance, I certainly don’t expect any, my father’s wife is only 5 years older than me 😉

  6. Kevin Says:

    I was hoping to get out at 50, I have seen too many people work to 65 then die within a short period.

  7. susananda Says:

    You could always plan to live longer? 😉

  8. globie Says:

    I do plan to, but I want a quality of life, not just an existence when I retire. If we knew how long we had, we could work out when to quit work. Mind you I only exist most of the year anyway, work, eat,sleep.

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