Under the handle

I am religiously getting home and doing lots of backbending in my quest for the drop back. Today for the first time I managed to lean back and touch the door, BELOW the door handle, which is about a metre from the floor and get back up again. I am not sure if this was a freak, or whether I started in a different position, nearer the door, or whether this indeed was progress. I am not sure how far from the door I should actually stand.

Practice last night was to Navasana, followed by more backbends and closing. I think I need to can the Marichyasana B & D’s for a few days as my right knee  has the hump still from binding at the shala last weekend. Hopefully the backbending emphasis will lead to lead to less Mari’s for while and my knee will improve. This happened when I was doing lots of Supta K experiments and was doing less Mari’s things seemed to improve.

Work is no better this week, frankly its worse, I have no clue what the system is telling me to do, far from telling us what to do, we are supposed to interpret its findings, its total bollocks, its the equivilant of giving a 3 year old a book and telling it to learn to read!


6 Responses to “Under the handle”

  1. openingslowly Says:

    work, ugh 😛

    It’s funny what comes and goes in the practice with different focus, i have been so impressed by the progress that you have made in your practice this year it’s really inspiring, and seems to have opened up your writing on you blog too as well as your body, sorry i know that is an odd thing to say, but having lurked for ages i think there is a real difference.

  2. globie Says:

    I had no idea my entries had changed, I like writing about my practice, as it helps me make sense of it and when it doesnt make sense, quite often a comment will appear to help enlighten me (Usually from Susan). The other stuff is usually born out of frustration at work and home and is just a way of letting off steam without hurting anyone else accidentally in the process. If the management read my blog they probably would have fired me by now!

    With practice the difference has been changing to mysore practice all the time from March, instead of the counted practice once a week, which had limited adjustments, I loved its flow and the nice bunch of people who came each Friday, but progress was limited to say the least. Practising with Cary at YP has seen my practice flourish like at no other time. Postures feel like they could happen now, Supta K was amazing, I almost cried with joy. I also think I am beginning to understand more about practice and my bodys reactions to it, an awareness, so I feel safer in what I write about practice. Keep on lurking!

  3. Anna Says:

    That’s a really beautiful observation!

    Led classes have their place but I agree, mysore practice elevates the experience to another level.

    It made me happy to read this, and your comment!

    Hope work gets better though.

  4. susananda Says:

    I agree, your blog’s become much more interesting!

    Just stand the distance from the wall that works.. sounds like you found it (more detail in my comments).

    I love getting people to the shala who stick, several there are formerly ‘my’ students.. 🙂

  5. globie Says:

    Doing the counted practice for 2 years taught me the series and the names, so doing Mysore just meant plugging my brain in and taking responsibility. It made the transition easier though. Occassionally during the counted the teacher would forget a pose, but my body would seem to know, more than once I sat in Baddha Konasana, when she had called Upavistha. I did a counted practice in India and found it really hard to work to someone elses count, so am now a true mysore convert.

  6. grimmly Says:

    Have you tried this

    Dropping back to the sofa worked for me, first to the sofa then the sofa cushions on the floor then a couple of mats on top of each other. Good for overcoming the fear.
    That said it can be a bit of a cheat, if you overcome the fear you can drop back from quite high but that negates the whole excercise. probably best to work on both, hanging back deeper and for longer and also working on the fear.

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