Knee epiphany?

Full Primary this evening after a day off. I was taking it carefully, slowly, mindfully, instead of just ploughing through. And as I looked backwards in downward dog I realised my right knee hurt, but it suddenly dawned on me what the reason could be when I did the next vinyasa, as I roll over my toes from upward dog into downward and my heels went to the floor, the left foot was flat and straight as it should be, but the right heel was turning outward, when I straightened the foot, the pain decreased quite quicky. The thing is I am not sure if I have always done this, in which case why havn’t some of the more picky teachers picked up on it, or is it something I have started to do without realising. Maybe I have always done it, but its taken a long time for it be this detrimental to the inside of my knee, I have noticed that I not only feel it in the knee, but also the muscle above.

I carried on practising, but slowed down the vinyasas to be very deliberate in how my feet went to the floor and making sure they were parallel before jumping forward. I modified Marichyasana B & D on the second side and ended up having quite a decent practice for a Thursday night, when I was already knackered from a long day at work. Drop backs were not bad, again managed to dip under the door handle. It is cheating and I know I could never do it at the shala, but at home I am dropping back wearing sports sandles, I find that if I can trust my feet not to go outwards or fly out from under me I am much more able to concentrate on opening the chest upper back and get a much deeper bend.


5 Responses to “Knee epiphany?”

  1. susananda Says:

    I think the sandals sound OK. It’s like getting the assist where someone squats stepping on your feet, and holds your lower legs to keep the feet straight (i.e. thighs rotated in). You can train your legs to do the right thing with the sandals, and carry it over to barefoot.

    I never noticed that about your feet in downdog, hmm. Good that you caught it on your own and can correct it.

  2. globie Says:

    Funny how you end up doing the rightish thing without realising why. Though good point about rotating the thighs inwards, will try to remember that.

    Knee is very unhappy today.

  3. Alfia Says:

    Hi, Kevin:

    When I started Mysore practice, I hurt my knees pretty fast doing Janu-Sirs C. Since that time, every time my knee is in the lotus position, I rotate the leg inside out (kind of trying to get all the flesh of the thighs and calves out). It helped then, and now I just do it automatically and the knees behave. Have you tried this trick? I got this idea from a yoga journal article, where they say that outward rotation of the leg puts the knee in anatomically correct position. Just a random thought. Your observation is good, though. I will pay attention to my feet in this transition next practice.

  4. globie Says:

    Dena told me once that Janu C is there make you appreciate your body’s limitations. I do ty and get the flesh out when I do lotus, David Keil mentioned this when we did the anatomy workshop, but my right knee is becoming a nuisance, left one is usually ok if I am warmed up.

  5. susananda Says:

    My comment got really long and rambling, so I decided to make a whole post out of it instead : )

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