TGIF – Jumping forward

Its been a very long week, SAGE still sucks and shows little sign of improving anytime soon, even the head honcho had to admit he now thinks it could be a year before its running how they intend, that’s if the slaves haven’t all had nervous breakdowns in the 12 months.

Home to practice, nice steady Primary, even binding Marichyasana D on the first side, but again did the cheaters version on the second side of both B & D. I actually managed to rock up into Ubhaya with almost straight legs as well, usually if I do get the momentum to get over the tipping point, I usually have no control and land on the floor, but somehow I managed to stop  tonight. Backbends were not quite so good today, but done within the context of practice an hour or so in is different to doing them in isolation when you have more energy left, but have less flexibility.

Now I know to pay attention to having parallel feet as I enter down dog, I also realised tonight that as I am about to jump through to seated that my right heel turns inward, putting a strain on my knee as I jump, my vinyasas are now very slow as I try to get everything lined up. My knee has not been happy today, even sitting at work its been aching, I guess its because I have started to engage the correct parts of the right knee and they are feeling it.

At least its the weekend and London Midland permitting I wil practice at the shala on Sunday morning. We are supposed to actually have a train into London for the first time in a year, which means another precious 90 minutes in bed, compared to catching the bus, it better turn up!


4 Responses to “TGIF – Jumping forward”

  1. Alin Says:

    It’s great that you can take this new awareness with you to your teacher(s) this weekend. I bet they will have light to shed on what’s going on.

    I hope the new commute works out!

  2. ebean Says:

    You have probably seen it but I posted this since Mysore Musings is now private…

    How the #@!? do you jump through?

  3. globie Says:

    Thanks ebean, I do remember seeing it, but thanks for sharing itagain.

  4. TGIF - Jumping forward « The Journey of my practice « Yoga Bin Blog Says:

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