Kino dvd arrived

Got home to find my Kino Primary DVD had arrived. The problem is after a good shala practice, the next day, especially after sitting in a chair driving a mouse all day, my hamstrings go tight, my shoulders are back up around my ears and all the good opening work of my practice has been undone. I do always make an effort do some practice, mainly so I don’t seize up completely, but in 2 days my body goes from opening like a flower to being tighter than a clam shell.

The idea of getting the dvd is to get used to Kino’s voice and style before the workshop, the voice because my hearing is not perfect and in the big shala room I hope that I will be able to pick out the bits I really need to hear, teachers with softer voices ,I often feel their voices are lost in the large rooms. I decided to listen to the intro and do the standing postures, she moves through them quite quickly, but with little bits of advice as she goes, like engaging the legs in downward dog, not just hanging out as it were. I will do the seated sequence with her another day when I am more open and have the time, if she’s as fast in that I think I will need to find the pause button to give me time to get into postures, then hit the play button to listen to her talk about each asana.

After Kino’s standing I did my own through to Marichyasana A, then did some standing backbends, my back is very tight today. I didn’t get the chance to do my usual 20 minutes backbending when I got home, as I had to go and wish my little Siss a happy birthday. As I was hanging back I realised that my fear with backbends has moved, to begin with it was just the fear of backbends, of the sensation of moving back and for me the feeling of being out of control and completely out of my depth. Now I no longer fear going back, I am now afraid of the dizzyness and nausea that appeared yesterday, especially when I practice home alone without a teacher and the potential for hitting the floor. I tried to take more breaths as I went back, but found I was breathing faster and faster and taking shallower breaths and in reality lost control of the breath and the backbend. Yestrdays explanation by Anna about why it happens was helpful, in that at least I understand why it happens, but sorting out the breathing to stop it happening is a challenge to say the least.


6 Responses to “Kino dvd arrived”

  1. ebean Says:

    Good thing you waited to get this DVD. The other one is basically a promo for her studio and workshops. Not cool, Kino!

  2. susananda Says:

    Well, I found the other DVD inspiring. It’s short, but I wouldn’t call it an advert.

    Anyway, maybe try some going back only a little way but really getting a handle on the breath?

    I know of four things that can cause dizziness (there may be more of course) – low blood sugar (unlikely to be a problem in your case?); low blood pressure (definitely not, I’d say); coming up too fast; and having the neck shoulders tense cutting off circulation to the head. Then holding the breath would exacrebate any of those.

    Just brainstorming…

  3. susananda Says:

    Exacerbate. I can spell long words : )

  4. Vanessa Says:

    I tend to hinge over one vertebrae joint in my neck when I bend back, instead of trying to lengthen all the cervical vertebrae and create an even arch. And yes, this sometimes cuts off a bit the blood circulation and tends to make me dizzy when I come back up.

  5. globie Says:

    V – I wondered about the neck, to start with I tried to keep it parallel with the body, but then Cat told me to let it go, but I now wonder if that is squashing something and cutting off the circulation. It does seem to hapepn when I come back up, at the bottom, when she had me walking my hands in I was OK, but about half way back up, my head swam and my vision clouded over and I just fought my way to the top and hung on to Anna for dear life!

    Susan- Low blood sugar unlikely, however I still have this craving for sugar after practice. I know my blood pressure is OK, though it would be intersting to measure blood pressure in certain poses. I think it must be to do with speed of coming up and something in the neck and as you say whichever it is combined with struggling for breath is the problem. When I practice at home and drop back to the door handle and come back up I am OK.

  6. Flo Says:

    I really adore Kino and her practice. She is wonderful as a teacher during workshops and I have both of her DVDs.
    The primary series DVD is great for home practice.
    However, I have not gotten the nerve for dropbacks on my own! 🙂

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