Yoga wakes me up

With the dire situation at work with the new system, I have been getting home really tired with glazed over eyes from staring at a screen all day, I could quite happily crash out at 5:15 when I get home. Somehow I resist the urge and like tonight manage some backbending. Later on, being bored with Obama dominating the news I decided to practice, no Kino dvd tonight, but I did remember Kino’s instruction to engage the legs and feet in standing to give that solid foundation. I could feel the difference, its good to be reminded of the basics once in a while. I felt good after standing so ploughed on and had a good flow going, though again modifying second sides of Mari B & D for my knees sake, but I had nevertheless got warm and bendy enough to bind myself up into a nice sugary pretzel.

After adding in my cheaters Ustrasana I did some Urdva Dhanurasanas and had a go at walking my hands in, I can’t stay up as long, but presume the back must be bending more. Stood up for some hanging back practice, but instead of going as far as I could I only went as far as the length of my outbreath, then tried to have a steady in breath as I came back up, so no dizzyness.

Now after doing practice I am more awake and happier than I have been for most of the day. If I could ever get up and do practice in the morning maybe I would be more awake and happier during the day, rather than when the day is over. But at 6am my house is cold, though under my duvet its toasty warm!


2 Responses to “Yoga wakes me up”

  1. Alin Says:

    Afternoon/evening practioners unite! I don’t know how you can get up so early and practice on Sunday even.

    I hope things at work improve soon, sounds horrible. Glad you have practice to even out your days.

  2. globie Says:

    Sundays are different, I love practice at my shala, when the train lets me get there, its the one true bright spot nowadays.

    If the job situation wasn’t so bad I would leave, I hate the place!

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