Primary+pushing eggs!

Home early and managed a nice full Primary series. My mind is less hung up on my right knees painful inability to do lotus poses, especially Marichyasana B & D nowadays, because it now has new poses to play with and find spaces in. I now see practice beyond the Mari’s as doable and not just for people in Cirque de Soleil, especially since finding I can play at being a pretzel, then there’s jumping back from Bakasana. Jumping back from Bakasana happens, especially after Cat’s simple comment last week of “think forward”, ie getting the centre of gravity in the right place, plus a dose of belief and hey presto, though I have yet to master the getting my legs from a bent Titibhasana into Bakasana.

Stable backbends again, even without 2nd series warm up poses, followed by drop back practice and following Susan’s advice about hang back practice of putting left hand on right shoulder, going back and looking over the right shoulder as you slide the hand down the thigh, then doing the other side, before going back down the middle, its certianly a good warm up.

Practice is taking a lot longer than a year ago, I actually make reasonable attempts now at poses like Kurmasana, Supta Kurmasana, Ubhya and Urdva Paschimottanasana, not to mention Ardha Sirsasana (managed 2 down and ups today), a year ago I hardly even bothered, thinking they are never going to happen, I just don’t have the strength, flexibility or body, but having teachers who have taken the time has now made all of Primary seem possible.

However now that Galaxy Caramel eggs are in the supermarkets this could all change. Do I love the careful unwrapping of the foil, nibbling the top off so the chocolate doesn’t break and then getting my special egg eating mini teaspoon (Thanks Lufthansa) and carefully extracting the yummy caramel filling, drooooooooolllll….., yes these even beat Wispa’s for yummyness. Today though I was accused of teaching foreigners bad habits again, you may remember I have spoken about the Czech girl who works with me who we taught to appreciate the very British crisp sarnie, well now she has embraced Caramel eggs!


3 Responses to “Primary+pushing eggs!”

  1. Primary+pushing eggs! « The Journey of my practice « Yoga Bin Blog Says:

    […] Original post:  Primary+pushing eggs! « The Journey of my practice […]

  2. Pat Says:

    Going from Titibhasana to Bakasana, you might try thinking about pivoting at the shoulders and lifting the bum. That pivot visual worked well for me and made it easier than I thought it would be.

    I’ve got Galaxy Carmel Eggs on my grocery list, and Wispa too. Let the corruption begin!

  3. globie Says:

    Thanks Pat, will try thinking of pivoting. Its keeping the lift, ie not dropping the feet that’s hard.

    Look for the 3 packs of Caramel eggs, or Sainsburys had 3 for £1.09, but you better be quick, cos I’m coming for them!

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