Some second

I knew I wouldnt have time for a whole Primary last night, but I wanted to still do a practice with some structure that would not annoy my knee, so settled on doing the standing postures before tangenting off into 2nd series. At least I got a nice twist in Pasasana, instead of paining my knees twisting in Marichyasana B & D. Went throught to Laghu Vajrasana, before closing, the 2nd series backbends make my Urdva Dhanurasana feel completely different, much more stable. Finished off with some leaning back, trying out Susan’s theory of keeping the upper back & neck open by letting the hands go down the back of the thighs, though I still didnt see the floor, it must be down there somewhere along with that bar of Wispa.

TGIF a weekend of practice I hope, though the weather doesnt look too promising.


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