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I yi yiy yiy yi

February 28, 2009

Yes that’s the sound a grown man made when the massage therapist stuck her sharp thumb exactly to the millimetre into the left side QL problem. Well I did tell her to go for it! She said its like the left side QL has a knot about the size of a penny and she did her best to try and give it some release. If ever there was a case of no pain no gain this was it. I almost jumped off the end of her table. She backed off and worked around it, then gradually increased the pressure on the spot with little circles, increasing the intensity and depth of pressure to only just this side of bearable. But gradually she got some release into it, tomorrows Marichyasana C will be the proof of how much difference she has made.

A different approach to my usual therapist, who has a much more holistic approach, this therapist had a very much more sports injury type of approach. Although she worked both sides, she worked very intensely into the areas causing me discomfort. She had begun by undoing my right shoulder, which actually feels like it has dropped, lovely.

After the QL she moved onto the tight top of my left hip, again seeming to find the exact, very painful spot. Both the hip and QL problems seem to be very localised. Again little circles increasing the pressure and pain, telling me to try and breathe as the intensity increased. She asked me if I could feel anything into my leg, I did have a strange tingling sensation in my glute, my hip does feel much looser now. She finished off by putting pressure on the trigger points in the buttocks and testing the movement in my hip, which she said were good.

It was good to have a treatment from someone with a different approach, I will definitley go back if needs be. I got the usual lecture about drinking enough water, why is it so hard to get this stuff down your neck. She also said no practice today, but to keep moving and do practice tomorrow.



February 27, 2009

Home after spending half the day e-mailing with AC, there is work to do, but I seem to lack the motivation to do it, especially knowing there is a maximum of 2 years to survive, I have almost got to the point of doing what is necessary, but no more, as opposed to those who are going to move with them and who stay until stupid o’clock at night.

Practice was another fullish Primary as far as backbends. My hamstrings seemed to have more length in them today, which makes the standing poses more stable and postures like Supta Padangusthasana, even if cheating and holding the bed frame much more open, which in turn makes coming up into Ubhaya more likely, even though for some reason I seem to have started coming up lopsided, but at least I am managing to come up and over with control more often. I even managed to Bind the first side of Mari D.

My right knee, despite all the TLC and modified postures, is not improving at all, I measure its progress or lack there off by how high I can get the foot up the thigh in Ardha Badha Paschimottanasana. It is slightly less painful in Janusirsasana A, that’s if I add quite a few extra breaths and try and let the knee flop and release down.

I had been quite quick through to the backbends, but then I got UD ADD, you know when you lay there trying to make yourself lift into backbend. It didn’t happen, so I went for some Ustrasana’s and bridges before laying down and having another go. I can do Urdva Dhanurasana, but what is it I’m scared of, or that makes it so hard to do it when I am laying there, its a mental game, I eventually managed 3 and called it a day. At least I am back in the practice groove again.

I will see how things are after the massage tomorrow before deciding if to stretch anything, maybe she will find some extra hidden inches in my hamstrings as well as attending to those shoulder, QL and hip niggles.

Primary at last

February 27, 2009

After 2 days off it was nice to just do a full Primary last night. I can feel how things tighten up with 2 days off. I envy those with the elastic hamstrings, I was barely getting head to knee, let alone chin to shin.

The rest doesnt seem to have made any difference to my right knee, which still does not want to play, though if I take extra breaths in janusirsasana A it does begin to release down to the floor and the pain subside.

I think backbends need a couple of practises to get going again, I was very stiff, all I could do to get up into UD. Hopefully tonight my back will release a bit more. If not then hopefully the massage therapist will pommel it into submission in the morning!

Hit and miss this week

February 26, 2009

Having had a good practice at AYL on Sunday and not a bad one at home on Monday, what with not practising Tuesday and last night seeming to disappear, practice has not been what I would like this week. I can feel it as I sit in my office chair, my thighs are tight and DVT like. Practice last night consisted of some Surya’s, a few backbends and handstands, apart from that it just didn’t happen.

I need to get back into it tonight and tomorrow, before Saturdays massage and then shala practice on Sunday.

Half Primary

February 24, 2009

Ended up doing to Navasana plus Supta Padangusthasana and Ubhya. I am trying to get into the discipline of doing my difficult poses even when I do a shortened or modified practice. I need to do Supta P to find the hamstring length in order to come up and over in Ubhya.

Followed this with another 20 minute backbend free for all, Ustrasana, Lahu Vajrasana, 5 x Urdva Dhanurasana, then some dropping back attempts. I accidentally found a way of getting a few millimetres further, I realised my hips had gone forward and were touching a chair, I realised that if I kept going back, but tried to stay in contact with the chair and even push against it I could go back further. I realise now this is effectively what Louise had me doing on Sunday, pushing against her thighs.

Too much to do tonight, so have decided to bring the Moon day forward and practice tomorrow instead.

Sunday at AYL, just!

February 22, 2009

Our train line has been voted one of the worst performing in the country, I can well believe it and just in case anyone asks, I didn’t cast multiple votes, I wasn’t asked at all in fact. But today it lived up to its reputation by cancelling the first train to practice, bastards, I could of had another 30 minutes under the covers. I was the only person waiting, so having 30 minutes to waste I put my bag down and did standing forward bends and then some backbends down a poster on the wall to help the warming up process.

Eventually arrived at AYL at 8.20, surprisingly not very busy at all, found a spot and off I went. It was really warm in there today, my t-shirt was drenched after the Surya’s. My t-shirt is now doing time on the washing line along with my shorts and my mat! A nice standing sequence, a UHP adjustment this week from Louise, which felt ok, my hips had some rotation in them and it also helped that both mat neighbours were doing seated, so they didn’t end up with my toe in their ear.

Seated feel disjointed of late mainly because of swapping the ankle cross for the vinyasas, it just doesn’t feel natural, just awkward and ungainley. My leg was a little higher up my thigh in Ardha Badha P., though my knee soon let me know when it was high enough, thank you very much. It gives me these “Don’t push your luck” warning signs. It did let me do Triang Mukha and being so warm I actually managed to grab my wrist beyond my foot on both sides.

Some adjustments seem to arrive a little too quickly, I had bound my hands in Supta K and was happily wriggling away, getting my feet to cross, when they were crossed for me and lifted, not that I object in the slightest and would never say no to an adjustment unless it was going to kill my knee, but although I did Supta K, I like to do it myself. The help I now need with Supta K is getting the head further along the ground and under the feet, so I can lift with the feet behind my head. I am beginning to want to make more effort in Ubhya and Urdva P. I am managing to come up and over with control in Ubhya now, but Urdva P is another matter, Usually I have one go at trying to balance then move on, but a voice in my head said “you are in the perfect place to practice, try again”, as I tried to catch the balance and stretch my legs on attempt number 2, I felt a well timed piece of assistance arrive behind, meaning I could concentrate on stretching the legs and pull them towards me.

The good thing about my Yogitoes cloth mat is that the wetter it gets, the better traction it seems to give me, so when it came to backbends there was hope. After Setu Bandhasana I did some bridges before Urdva Dhanurasana. First 3 UD’s were virtually up and down, then I did 3 more where I stayed up, for longer each time and tried to walk my hands in. It was one of those days where I had the time, my back was warmed up and ready to bend and I had some energy left. It felt good so decided to play at dropbacks, no sooner had I stood up than help arrived. Think Louise remembered my nearly passing out the last time I was at AYL, so she started off with having me do 3 half way dropbacks, before deciding I had more control and it was safe to go to the bottom. She had me concentrate on engaging the hips and just continuing to breathe on the way down, however many breaths it took, once at the bottom she got me to walk my hands in, exhale anything left and then come back up on the inhale, repeated this 3 times, great, no dizzyness and a feeling of where the control should come from, even if I can’t control it yet.

Into the finishing room to finish off, even managed 3 x Ardha Sirsasana without going over the top, followed by a well deserved 10 minute Savasana. This goes to show that provided the teachers are good, practice is practice, wherever you end up doing it and you can get the same feeling of contented wellness wherever you lay your mat. At least I know my practice is safe while YP is out of reach.

V. I’m afraid there were no yogi’s in AMT, I never realised that place had seats at the back, I thought it was just a counter, but the tea was good.

2S on Saturday morning.

February 21, 2009

After a quick shopping trip and finding no inspiration for my Mothers upcoming birthday, what do you buy a pensioner who has what she needs and every time I ask her says she can’t think of anything, but will be disappointed if she doesnt get something, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr???

I was home by 10am after this fruitless experience, so decided to do a practice, as the sun was streaming through the windows. I ended up going through to a modified Mari D, plus Supta Padangusthasana and a bum balance before going into 2nd series for the backbends. They don’t feel anything like as alien nowadays, even though I officially still havn’t been given any of them by “the Special One”, yes Cary is to yoga what Jose is to football!! But I really enjoy Ustrasana and Laghu Vajrasana, there is a discernable difference in the length and flexibility of my back after doing them as I push up into Urdva Dhanurasana and I even managed to walk in a tiny bit too. Somehow in 90 minutes I had done most of Primary, plus up to Laghu Vajrasana in 2nd and then closing. Hopefully tomorrow my body will want to come out to play at the shala.

Friday night Primary

February 20, 2009

Home to my flower pot sized tea mug and my yoga mat. Quite a quick full Primary tonight, 80 minutes, Ok I admit I did 5 x A’s but only 2 B’s, but I did everything else, vinyasas between sides and extra backbends, so definitley counts as a full practice for me. My knee is without pain (touch wood) today, though I still didn’t push it, though modified Marichyasana B & D on second side just to be safe. A nice straight through practice.

Before I left work I was talking to my Czech colleague about yoga, she is really tempted to try it, her partner plays Ice Hockey for a Czech ex-pat team and she wants to do something, but has got bored with airobics and her Pilates video. I showed her Susan’s amazing backbend video, you should have seen her eyes widen in amazement.

I am craving sugar, what with the toothache I havn’t had a wheat free biscuit, let alone chocolate or caramel egg in over a week, if I had a bag of Tate & Lyle in the larder I would probably go and eat that. Sugar is my one vice,  especially after I have done practice. I often swipe sugar lumps from coffee shops and eat them on the way home. A. says it’s like walking along with a horse, she can’t talk, she smokes!

Massage therapist finally got in touch as I was typing this, she has a space for me, but not until next Saturday, for my shoulder, QL and hip it can’t come soon enough. Though I have been considering taking a leaf out of Susan’s book and maybe trying accupuncture on my knee.

TGIF – I need my mat

February 20, 2009

I have contrived to practice every day since Sunday, I had intended to have a day off, but never got round to it, mainly because doing practice at night fills the time. Last night I did to Mari C, then played around with backbends, I seem to need to do 3 crap Urdva Dhanurasanas, where I just go up and come straight down, before I seem to get the flexibility in my back  and strength in my arms to actually stay up and breathe.

No doubt my body will tell me when it wants a day off and I have been particularly kind to my knees since Sunday, modifying everything that might piss them off.  There is a Moon day next week, so I will probably have that off. Home early tonight, as usual on a Friday, I hope to get in a full Primary series.

AYL it will have to be on Sunday, I HAVE to practice, its integral to my existence. I double checked getting to YP, not only is there no Central Line on Sunday, but I discovered that even if I can get to Liverpool St, they are closing Bishopsgate northbound, meaning the 388 and 8 buses to YP have to take a massive 20 minute diversion, so I have had it, its not worth contemplating.

My Mysore planning is seeming to take shape, a couple of bloggers who are there just now, have sent me information about accommodation and costs. It seems financially doable, even if I don’t get a massive redundancy payment in 2 years time when the company moves away. If I go I want to make it worthwhile and go for 2-3 months, the more I think about it the more I want to do it. Hopefully in the next year or so I will get the chance to have a cup of tea and chat to someone who has been and pick their brains.

Distracted by a goal!

February 18, 2009

I was just going chill out and listen to the match tonight, but as I sat on the floor listening I felt compelled to stretch and ended up doing the standing postures, followed by a few forward bends. I am trying to make myself do backbends every day, its got to get better the more you practice hasn’t it? So I toe dipped into 2nd with Pasasana, Ustrasana etc before Urdva Dhanurasana, then just as I was on number 4 trying to walk my hands in a little, my team scored, at which point I forgot myself, lifted a hand in celebration and hit the floor! Yoga and live football don’t mix!

I was hoping to have a tooth to put under my pillow for the tooth fairy to collect tonight, but the dentist decided not to remove my upper left 7 this morning. He said the filling is ok, but is a massive one and may be touching the nerve. As its only lethally sensitive to anything hot, cold or sweet, but doesn’t hurt the rest of the time, he said I should give it a little longer, but if it starts to hurt any other time then its got to come out. I hate my teeth, they have been the bain of my life, I;m fed up with my upper left 7 and to spite it as I type I am eating a Deutsche Bundesbahn lemon flavour lollipop!