Sunday – Those magical 2 hours

My little space








My mat in my little space in the corner










Through the oblong window

On a bitterly cold morning I was up at stupid o’clock to get the bus into the city, quite an easy journey to the shala in the end. AC has forgotten what YP looks like, so took some pictures to remind her, first one is “my space” in the corner, not that I would be worried if someone else had taken it, but it does feel comfortable being there and K and S came and took up the next 2 spots, we seem to have made that row ours 🙂 

Second photo was taken through the window, pity Susan wasn’t in that space doing the backbend, she did the most amazing sequence of dropbacks I have ever witnessed this morning, I heard Cat say to someone “That’s how to do it“. To watch someone do a drop back with so much control and precision, it should be on a video so that the rest of us can learn from it, I saw what Cat was trying to get me to do, in the way Susan kept her hips going forward as she went back, Susan is definitley an inspiration.

Anyway my practice was another consistent one, which managed to take almost the 2 hours we have, usual mini adjustments in standing, Trikonasana, Prasarita C, plus Cat said my feet should be wider in Parivrita Parsvakonasana. My  right knee was even more determined not to cooperate in the lotus poses today, but I did at least manage to bind myself on the first side of Marichyasana D, think Cat was about to come over, then noticed the smile arrive on my face as my fingers docked round the back. Another smile as I wriggled to bind Supta Kurmasana, but as with Bhuja I seem to have lost the little ability I had in getting into Titibhasana, but I did manage to jump back from Bakasana. Cat just laughs when she catches you doing a criminal act, I was holding the side of my mat in Supta Padangusthasana, she came and trod on my thigh and told me to point my foot!

After Setu Bandhasana I added in a few little bridges to open my back before doing 5 x Urdva Dhanurasana, only managed to stay up on the last 3 when my back finds the space and bends rather than hinges. Stood up and did some hang backs before Cat came over to give me dropback practice, the good news is that I breathed and didnt go dizzy, feel sick or pass out, but they didn’t feel as deep today and I know my hips tilted back as I touched down rather than staying forward to help me come back up, but I feel like I know what should happen, when it will is another matter. Quite a successful Ardha Sirsasana today 2 1/2 down and ups. As I was rolling up my mat I had the privelige of watching Susan’s dropback masterclass, one day…

I don’t know if I didn’t try hard enough or whether I had more control today, but I didn’t feel as shattered after practice as I sometimes do, though on the train home my hamstrings tightened up to the point that getting off the train I did a good impression of a 90 year old without a zimmer frame. This could partly be down to having to run from Holborn to Euston after the tube train broke down.


12 Responses to “Sunday – Those magical 2 hours”

  1. Alin Says:

    I love reading about your Sunday practices. I can feel how happy they make you.

    Isn’t it wonderful to practice with people and witness such inspiring, fearless poses? Susan’s dropbacks sound wonderful, I have similar advanced shalamates and I get so much energy and strength from them. Love it!

  2. susananda Says:

    Hahaha.. thank you!!

    My backbending, like everything else, hasn’t been so hot the last week or two.. today was the first day they kind of felt normal again. In fact it felt so good to backbend today that I did all kinds of hangback variations when I got home 🙂

    Very nice photos! They capture the loveliness. Plus B is in it.. he rocks. Iron will.

    And where is that AC??? 😉

  3. globie Says:

    Yep they definitley make me happy, it is a pain to get to sometimes, but the space is lovely, the teachers are great and the other students are friendly.

    Some people are inspiring, I only really notice Susan as she is usually 2 mats along and was the one who got me to return to YP last March, she’s another great teacher when its her Sunday

  4. globie Says:

    You should put a little video on your blog of those dropbacks, we just couldn’t help watching you and it helped me make sense of what Cat had been telling me.

    AC complained last Sunday’s pic was out of focus.

    AC now sleeps on Sunday’s!

  5. Sunday - Those magical 2 hours « The Journey of my practice « Yoga Bin Blog Says:

    […] Go here to see the original:  Sunday – Those magical 2 hours « The Journey of my practice […]

  6. AC Says:

    YES, that’s what YP looks like, now I recall!! Definitely better shots Kev.

    Susan, AC is being ‘criminal’ for these few mths. Sundays are definitely sleep-ins for now, 🙂

  7. AC Says:

    How about Susan putting mini videos of ‘all’ the postures in the Primary series and a ‘how to do’ them? That would be highly motivational but may cause me to give up!

    I hope we all had a cheerful smile as we walked in the fresh snow this morning? Grinning like a 5yr old myself. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to make a snowman and I’ve not seen any yet………..

    Hopefully we’ve not put away ‘childish’ things to do!!

  8. globie Says:

    Yes we should get Susan to make mini videos, you should have seen those dropbacks!

    I went along the canal taking photos of the swans making paths through the iced up water with the ducks following. Hope to build a snowman later!

  9. AC Says:

    Oh I can imagine Susan’s dropbacks. I’m not ambitious, I just ask for the ‘basic’ stuff to be shown and I can just drool over that.

    Hopefully we don’t become covetous when these mini videos come out, 😉

  10. susananda Says:

    Still haven’t figured out how to post videos! I’m shameless, I’d probably go nuts with it.

    Hope you haven’t lost your jumpback from bakasana AC?? 🙂

  11. AC Says:

    I await with great anticipation these mini videos, ‘Class 101 to Primary Series’. Be absolutely and gloriously shameless. Someone pls help Susan to download.

    Whilst on vacation I was practising in the gym and this little girl asked what I was playing at when I was trying to bind in Marichi-C, needless say I fell out laughing. I’m happy this kid realises this is what we do, we’re (or I am) playing at yoga!!

    Miraculously jumpback from bakasana still around. 🙂

  12. globie Says:

    Go for it Susan!

    So you can eat loads of Bockburgers and still jump back from Bakasana!

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