No escape today

Most of the lazy ones made it in to work today after their “Snowday” yesterday, one Russian one (you would have thought snow we be no problem for), rang to say she couldn’t get in, when told everyone else was in and that she would have to take holiday, miraculously found she could get in after all, ho hum… lazy cow. Of the others we discovered thatย  there had been a phone conference at 7am yesterday, where they all agreed not to come in, so we are not happy to say the least!

Practice ended up being Standing, followed by second up to Laghu Vajrasana, then Urdva Dhanurasana and then lots of hang back, drop back practice. I like doing all the second series backbends, plus it breaks up the practice week a bit, especially as doing this series takes me just over the hour and my knee doesnt have to be stressed either. Am going to take tomorrow off, chill out with a big mug of tea, a caramel egg and watch the football, that’s if it’s on.


7 Responses to “No escape today”

  1. Alin Says:

    Your work makes me sad. I think inclimate weather is a valid day off. So what if some people are brown-nosing tough guys? If there is any chance of me busting my ass on the way to work, I’ll see you tomorrow and hell no it won’t count against my vacation. It helps that I’m the one who keeps track of these things. ๐Ÿ™‚

    So glad you managed a little practice. You’ve earned the day off and treats with this miserable weather!

  2. Flo Says:

    We never get snow days in the South ๐Ÿ™‚
    Last night we practiced with Manju. I’ve only practiced 1st series. He threw in second series and boy was I thrown off ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. globie Says:

    Hey Flo, dipping into 2nd is great. Actually some of the poses like Ustrasana (Camel) are done in the most basic Hatha classes, I don’t see what makes them 2nd series.

    The snow has turned to slush, which freezes overnight making the pavements lethal, especially after the kids have spent half the day sliding down them.

  4. V Says:

    What makes them Second series is the context. It’s not that all of Primary asanas are easier than any of Second, or that all Second asanas are easier than any of Primary. In general, Second series is more advanced than Primary and this is not only because it has some harder poses (Kapotasana, Karandavasana) but the context. In the same way that the Janusirsasanas and the Marichiasanas prepare you for Supta Kurmasana, the backbends from Shalabasana to Laghu Vajrasana prepare you for Kapotasana, warming up the back muscles good and nice.

  5. globie Says:

    Thanks V, that does make some sense. Though I find it hard to see how the Janu’s and Mari’s help Supta K. Although I could mostly do the J’s and M’s, I never seemed anywhere near Supta K, it never happened or seemed likely to until Cary decided it would.

  6. monkey Says:

    Hi Globie, it’s because they’re hip openers. If you think about Mari A and B, the way you wrap your shoulder in front of your leg in those postures is simliar to the way the legs go over the shoulders in Supta K.

  7. globie Says:

    Hi Monkey, I kinda see what you mean, though thinking about it Baddha Konasana and Upavistha strike me as being nearer to Supta K

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