An official Snowday!









Well wodya know, we woke up to driving snow, as you can see my garden and street were impassable to traffic when I left home to walk to work. The main road I have to cross on the way was a junk yard, cars trying to stop at the lights were doing involuntery U-turns, those that stopped couldn’t start moving again. Easily the worst day out here in the sticks north of London. Quite a few of my co-workers had set off early to avoid losing a days vacation. But surprise surprise, the Head Honcho couldnt get out of the drive of Nepotism Towers and at 8.35 we got told we could all go home again, which for those of us who live locally was wonderful news, those who had spent 2 hours driving 20 miles were not overly impressed!

After a quick snowball fight in the carpark between the foreigners and the locals I went to try and get some shopping, the Supermarket was empty of both people and the shelves, but I got what we needed and trudged home.

I then did an hours practice through to Marichyasana B, before a hot dinner. Hopefully later I will carry on from Mari C and do some more. I am now planning the weekends strategy, which will all go tits up if no train arrives tomorrow morning!


3 Responses to “An official Snowday!”

  1. susananda Says:

    I think it’s shocking they make you use vacartion days! In my office apparently there was about 30% turnout on Monday… I imagine some were working from home, but I can’t. From where I live there were no trains, no tubes, no buses…

    No snow in London today (thank god, as I had an essential duty to perform and would have had to find a way in or mess up a whole weekend’s operations work)… but many who live in the sticks went home early today. I think it will snow here overnight…

    I hope there are trains for you somehow! Plus I’m teaching Sunday and it’ll be a drag if no one shows up.

  2. susananda Says:

    Terrible thought – I do hope there’s a tube for me on Sunday so that I can show up to teach!!

  3. globie Says:

    The snow thing has been an issue for years and it exploded on Monday, with people threatening to take retaliation sick days and the whole place dividing into those who came in and those who didn’t. It was the agreed no show among some which came out and forced them to put in rules, ie take vacation days if you dont come in.

    They say the snow is not coming back until Sunday night, just in time for Monday, ho hum.

    I hope both of us make it on Sunday morning, ages since I practised with you.

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