Made it into the city

Its been a long day, I left the house at 6.15, both the 6:28 and 6:59 trains failed to materialise, I and a few other would be commuters were going to give up, but at 7.15 we saw some lights and were slowly on our way.

London was devoid of snow.I flew through the underground arriving a bit late, but in time to do a mysore practice with Michaela at TLC. Turned out to be a good practice, including a nice Supta K, as Michaela tapped my back and said it looked good and she helped me with dropbacks, which felt ok.  She talked to me about my knee pain and commented that we all have a tendency to cross the same foot in front for the vinyasa, which keeps putting the strain through the same (right) knee. I had to work out which one I cross as I have never thought about it, but when I put the right foot in front it felt awkward and alien and I realised she probably has a point, so my vinyasas lost any elegence they did have, but hopefully my right knee appreciated the change.

The Loft








A view through the round window into our “Loft Shala”

West London through steamy windows!








A view through our steamed up shala windows of the Notting Hill roof tops

The rest of the day seems to have been a rush, after finishing practice later than usual, then spending the afternoon running the travel club. It was well attended, there is hardly any snow in London. I have booked a bed at the YHA, so I will get to practice in the morning with Susan, then head to the exhibition, I just hope I can get home.

5 Responses to “Made it into the city”

  1. Alin Says:

    You are such a trouper! Your commute issues would make lesser people give up. I’m glad you made it into town and had a good practice.

    Can’t wait to read about your Sunday practice!

  2. Flo Says:

    Sounds like a nice practice! Supta K is so difficult for me.
    I hope that rght knee starts to feel better. I never even realized that (about crossing the same leg over each time in vinyasa)

  3. Pat Says:

    Glad to hear you made it into town. We went to York yesterday and there was no snow there. My right knee is acting up too. I might try changing legs too, my jumpbacks are not so good – there isn’t too much to lose. Have a good Sunday.

  4. globie Says:

    Alin, the commute is a nuisance, but worth it for the great teachers I get to practice with.

    It feels completely alien swapping the cross for the vinyasa. Worth persevering with though. Its the inner side of my knee which is the problem, if I do coax it into Lotus, I pay for it for a couple of days after.oooooowwwwww as opposed to Ohmmmm

  5. Sunday Morning « The Journey of my practice Says:

    […] What a leisurely trip to YP for practice for a change, no crack of dawn bus ride, just a 3 stop hop on the tube, so much more relaxing and stressless. YP is quite different from The Lifecentre, it feels more homely and less commercial and it’s more often than not the same people doing practice. Though I do really like the Loft space at TLC with its views over London through the steamy windows and I have added some photos I took to yesterdays post. […]

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