Sunday Morning

Ding Dong!

Picture of St Pauls as I walked to the tube this morning.

Why my Mother thought I would need to take an alarm clock with me I’ll never know! St Paul’s Cathedral was about 100m from the YHA I spent last night in and it clanged the hours through the night until I eventually emerged from under my duvet at 7am. The Hostel provides a picnic breakfast for people leaving early, I got a little bag with a hot Croissant, biscuits, a chocolate bar, Orange juice and an apple.

What a leisurely trip to YP for practice for a change, no crack of dawn bus ride, just a 3 stop hop on the tube, so much more relaxing and stressless. YP is quite different from The Lifecentre, it feels more homely and less commercial and it’s more often than not the same people doing practice. Though I do really like the Loft space at TLC with its views over London through the steamy windows and I have added some photos I took to yesterdays post.

Not liking fruit, on arriving I was able to give the teacher an apple! Susan had it toasty warm in there, so it turned out to be a good practice, I relax more when I’m warm. First time I have been UHP’d in a while, I think I needed to be adjusted in it, as my own attempts have a tendency to get curtailed when I lose the balance, drishte or will power. Interesting comment about my hand position in Purvottanasana, Susan noticed my hands are quite close together, by taking them almost to the width of the mat it was actually easier. Despite changing the leg cross in the vinyasa my right knee is mega painful when asked to attempt lotus, so yet again I had to modify, its frustrating as I can fairly regularly bind Marichyasana D on my own now on the first side and it would be nice to do the second. My overmat decided to start wrinkling itself up as I was wriggling my feet to Cross in Supta K, luckily Susan spotted the turmoil my feet were having and came to the rescue before giving me lovely adjustment in Baddha Konasana, face to the floor.

As I was not in a rush I added a few extra goes at the bum balances today, before heading to closing. I started with a few bridges to warm my back up, no sneaking in any 2nd series you will notice! Then did 6 x Urdva Dhanurasana, 3 of which I held and one of which I got adjusted in, I like the feeling of stability when the adjuster uses their knees on the outer arms and helps to lift, it allows me to concentrate on the bend and not be so afraid of my arms/feet losing it. Stood up and did my dropback practice, I was getting tired and as Susan was busy UHPing someone else I abandoned thoughts of being dropped back today, she can’t be everywhere at once, though she does a brilliant job trying. After going over the top a couple of times I persevered and managed to almost do 3 Ardha Sirsasana’s, before Savasana. Good to have Susan there on a Sunday, she does seem to notice different things, which can only be good, but after 2 long practices two days running I think tomorrows Moon day is deserved.

After practice I headed to west London to the travel exhibition, lots of stands there and got a few freebies (chocolate, ok I admit I somehow kept walking past the Cadbury World stand!), picked up some leaflets and a free neck support off a Brazillian airline. It was time to try and get home, Euston was packed, every time they announced a departure a mass of people would start running, trying to get a seat on the packed to bursting trains, this is Sunday, what the trains will be like tomorrow is anyones guess. I ended up having to wait over an hour for a train that stopped at every place between London and the snowzone, as we headed north there was more and more snow and they say we are going to get more tomorrow, I cant wait! At least by staying in London I got to do all that I wanted, practised twice, met up with friends, enjoyed the show, well woth the £20 YHA.


11 Responses to “Sunday Morning”

  1. Pat Says:

    I’m glad you had a nice weekend. This will it snow/won’t it snow? thing is getting old. Good luck tomorrow- whichever version you are hoping for.

  2. globie Says:

    Thanks Pat, it turned out OK once I got into the city.

    I’m bored with the snow now, its sleeting as I type, personally I don’t care as I walk to work, but it has become an issue elsewhere!

  3. Alfia Says:

    Kevin – you and Arturo have my respect! Both of you endure a lot while making your way to the respective shala’s, I am really impressed with your dedication. My commute is a 20 min drive against the traffic, and I manage not to go there quite often. I feel thoroughly ashamed.

  4. globie Says:

    Alfia, If it wasnt for the fact that we have some quite wonderful teachers in London at the moment, I would probably not slog into the city. Its not just about doing practice, but the way these teachers inspire you to want to practice and have an ability to bring things out of their students that we students thought would be forever beyond us. Cary,Cat, Susan and Michaela are worth the trip

  5. susananda Says:

    Thank you for the apple!

    I’m sorry I missed your dropbacks, I thought you’d keep fiddling around on your own for awhile and kind of had a ‘rush’ on then, to use waitressing parlance : )
    But there is always a next time, I’ll be there in 2 weeks. I didn’t even see you go over in headstand, you must be very quiet!

  6. Kevin Says:

    You are welcome to the apple, I’ll have to bring you some plums in summer off my tree, I don’t like those either!

    You were busy, its no problem, I did all the hanging dropbacks I could think of. 2 weeks time is good. I have a degree of control when I go over the top in headstand, avoiding the previous painful crash landings.

  7. Alin Says:

    Overnight in the city seems to be the way to go, though I guess it’s not an option every weekend, huh?

    The UHP assist is by far my favorite. I get it maybe once a month, but when it happens it’s heaven. That pose more than any other feels tedious and annoys the hell out of me day-to-day. It of course has given me enormous strength and confidence, so it’s a fair trade-off. 🙂

    You have definitely earned the Moon Day!

  8. Kevin Says:

    No its too expensive staying in the city, if I have to be down there on the Saturday I can kinda justify it, but in the normal scheme of things, its not really an option.

    I just find UHP so challenging and more so when I am being adjusted in it.

  9. V Says:

    ha, my office is round the corner from that picture.

  10. AC Says:

    You definitely have the patience of Job using the train system to get to London on a wk’ly basis but what a great training ground to develop Zen qualities or maybe not, 🙂

    I’m of the belief religious figureheads have it too easy in their training, silence is a doddle in a controlled environment BUT just get them to catch trains in the UK and see how long their tolerance level lasts…………

    Mommy never made you sit at the table to finish off your fruits? Naughty boy.

    Chocolate is good in moderation, never deprive yourself of what you enjoy eating!!

  11. Kevin Says:

    More like psychotic qualities with regard to London Midland!

    No don’t do fruit, well except the odd kids smoothie, can’t find any I like or that are sweet enough for my taste.

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