Gingerbread Men & Knee click

I was looking forward to a nice Primary series practice this evening, but thanks to my stomach having one of those days and my knee problem, practice ended up being nothing like I had hoped for. OK hands up, I have only myself to blame for eating a few Gingerbread men at work on Tuesday, (We won them, don’t even ask!), but they are so good when dunked feet first into a steaming cup of tea. But 2 days later their wheat content means payback time for my swollen, aching stomach. I am realising that the Nutritionist was right when she said that its not neccesarily what you ate today or yesterday that causes the problem, it can take a few days for things to process or bring the gut to its knees. Hopefully by tomorrow things will have eased.

The knee was not my fault, I went for a walk at lunchtime, I read that exercise is good for IBS and was hoping things would improve, but walking along the icy canal path my right knee clicked out, it feels like my knee has detached itself, after hobbling back and then home tonight, it feels like it will give way at any time of its choosing, consequently practice was not great.

I managed all of standing, very carefully, then started seated, the vinyasas started to kill the knee, so after (stupidly) doing Triang Mukha I abandoned vinyasas, did Janusirsasana A & B and Marichyasana A & C. Baddha Konasana for some reason is not painful to the knees, I suppose the foot is not coming over as far as it does for lotus. I could feel the knee as I started to lift in Urdva Dhanurasana, so went up and came straight down, to be honest I wasnt warmed up enough, its a cold evening and my practice was “bitty”, meaning I didn’t seem to generate heat, let alone any sweat. Abandoned UD and did some bridges and some standing backbends, which felt ok, but I didn’t try going far. So that was practice, things in my control and outside my control conspired against me.

I will try again when I get home tomorrow night, I just hope my knee doesnt stop me doing practice at YP on Sunday


2 Responses to “Gingerbread Men & Knee click”

  1. AC Says:

    I recall seeing a scene in Shrek 2 and the Gingerbread man (is that PC?) is being threatened with ‘torture’ BUT I see you carry yours out, however it got its own back on you.

    Hope your stomach is now ok and look after those knees.

  2. globie Says:

    Friday morning stomach is better, will have to be careful for a few days. Revenge of the Gingerbread men!

    When my knee has pain in practice, then I think well ok I am doing things it generally doesnt do, but for it to give way on me just walking along is a bit of a worry, its the third time it’s happened now.

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