Home to Primary

Friday, the one evening I have time to do a whole Primary series. I just seem to have a focus and concentration on a Friday night, that is often missing the rest of the week. I seemed to fly through standing, well until my knee decided to remind me of its angst as I swopped sides in Parsvottanasana, ouch ooo ahhh, sloooooooooow down…

Actually managed to generate some heat as I went through seated as well, resulting in some nice forward bends and a bind of Mari D on the first side, I abided by some e-mail advice from AC not to take risks with my knees and modified the second sides of Mari B & D. Even wearing trackie bottoms and a t-shirt with arms, I still managed to cross my feet in Supta K and touch my fingers together, slightly too much clothing resistance for a full finger bind.

I don’t have time for too much backbend warm ups, apart from some bridges it was straight into Urdva Dhanurasana, though I have to say my lower back seems to have lost some of its flexibility, since the 2nd series extravaganza the other night. Friday night has just enough time for a traditional straight through practice, so no dropback experiments or other faffing around. It just shows that when my mind is in it and I get on with it, I can do Primary in 90 minutes including Savasana, its a mental game.

Another week at Nepotism UK survived, seeing the news I suppose I should be grateful to have a very safe job, but I’m not, my colleague summed it up this morning at 8.30 when he said “I just don’t want to be here”.

At least the snow has gone and I am hopeful of getting to YP by 8.10 on Sunday morning, though I am worried they will cancel the first train again, which will mean having to abandon the joy of my space in the corner at YP and head to AYL, not that AYL is 2nd best, the teachers are good, but those at YP know my practice and my body and I just feel comfortable there, if YP would extend the Mysore practice to maybe 10.15 or 10.30 I would never have to worry.


2 Responses to “Home to Primary”

  1. Alin Says:

    Nice to wrap up the week with a tight, swift practice. Happy to hear you are taking it easier on the knee too.

    Good luck on Sunday, as always!

  2. Flo Says:

    Sounds like a lovely practice. My forward folds are not so great lately because of some strain in my lower back.
    So backbends in Friday’s Mysore were pretty stiff!
    Have a great weekend!

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