Transport does my head in!

Now that after 2 years we actually have trains on a Sunday into the city, even if it does mean I have to run to get to practice, AC helpfully informed me this morning that between now and mid April there is not going to be a Central Line tube service to the Shala at all on Sundays. Once I get into the city this means taking a train and then a bus, meaning getting to the shala at around 8.30am at the earliest, far too late for my practice. Transport in this country is 2 steps forward and 5 back. So it looks like practice with V at AYL for a month or so.


3 Responses to “Transport does my head in!”

  1. Alin Says:

    I’m sorry, Kevin. I really feel for you. I know you like V and AYL, but your Cary/Cat/Susan adventures brim with joy and light. I can feel it in your writing.

    But it’s not too far away, at least! You’ll be back before you know it. And you still have Susan’s cybershala! 🙂

  2. globie Says:

    Yes I do like YP with Cat,Cary & Susan. It will be a problem for Susan too, as she uses the same line but from the other end. AYL will be ok, ironically it saves me £4 by going there.

    Susan’s cybershala 🙂

  3. susananda Says:

    Yeah, my cybershala! Must make more videos! With voiceovers! 🙂

    Yeah, I’m totally screwed by the Tube situation, it’ll take me two hours for a 20 minute journey. Contemplating sleeping at the shala Sat night..

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