Distracted by a goal!

I was just going chill out and listen to the match tonight, but as I sat on the floor listening I felt compelled to stretch and ended up doing the standing postures, followed by a few forward bends. I am trying to make myself do backbends every day, its got to get better the more you practice hasn’t it? So I toe dipped into 2nd with Pasasana, Ustrasana etc before Urdva Dhanurasana, then just as I was on number 4 trying to walk my hands in a little, my team scored, at which point I forgot myself, lifted a hand in celebration and hit the floor! Yoga and live football don’t mix!

I was hoping to have a tooth to put under my pillow for the tooth fairy to collect tonight, but the dentist decided not to remove my upper left 7 this morning. He said the filling is ok, but is a massive one and may be touching the nerve. As its only lethally sensitive to anything hot, cold or sweet, but doesn’t hurt the rest of the time, he said I should give it a little longer, but if it starts to hurt any other time then its got to come out. I hate my teeth, they have been the bain of my life, I;m fed up with my upper left 7 and to spite it as I type I am eating a Deutsche Bundesbahn lemon flavour lollipop!


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